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Fishing Report Posted: July 09, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on July 09, 2004 at 15:44:38:

The fishing has been great when you can get out on the water. Most people limited on perch just about everyday. Walleye were a little bit harder but still had a few limits on them too. The water has been good for fishing except for when the storms came through on Wednesday afternoon and then again on Thursday morning. But it didnt deter the fishing much.

Perch: are still in the 50 - 58 ft depth of water. Most are getting them straight out of Walnut and between Walnut and Trout Run.

Don Wehrle (Whirly Bird) came in with his limit.

Ellen Roberts went out and they came back in with their limit also.

Matt Cooney brought this fish in and got a citation for it.

Marsha Gelet and Matthew Christner went out on Ralphs(Sea Dador)boat. They came in with a cooler full.

Walleye: are still being caught in shallow. Anywhere from 25 - 40 ft of water and I haven't heard of anyone going out by the trenchs yet.

Amy Zerbe went out on Moxie Man's boat with her boyfriend and they limited on walleye. Here is her first fish. They caught theirs in close around 30 ft.

Gary Snyder caught three walleye. He went out by himself today. He caught his in 32 ft of water.

Gretchen and Glenn Richardson came in with one walleye.

Lots more of them being caught too. I had a full lot today (Friday)and everything went smoothly. Everyone seemed to be happy and having a good time.

I have had some people come in and ask about the fish that were in our lobby. They seem to think that they are going to be put in the new park that is going to be built. That is NOT TRUE. They were given to the Fish and Boat Commission and they will stay with us. If anyone has questions about it they can call Fred Menke at 717-705-7841.

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