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Fishing Report Posted: June 25, 2004

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Posted by Sherry on June 25, 2004 at 15:42:36:

There are new improvements in the lobby at Walnut Creek. Ted Walke from Harrisburg brought up two corner displays for the public to see.

One is photographed wood displays of all the state fish in actual size. It also has a plaque telling who caught it, where it was caught, and the size of the fish.

The other display is going to eventually promote boating. It will have the "minimum requirements" for a boat and also a map of Lake Erie with the depths.

If you are wondering what happened to the previous display of fish that were in here, they are being refurbished and remounted and will be brought back next year.

Now for the fishing report.

Perch: are out in 50 to 55 ft of water. Boaters are picking them up straight out of Walnut and east of each creek (Trout Run, Godfrey and Elk Creek) in the same 50 to 55 ft of water.

Roger Riggs and his son-in-law Jason Moore, both of West Virginia, went out on Don Clayton's boat (Fish Connection) and caught quite a few nice perch.

I had this one come in on Friday. It weighed in at 2 pounds and was 14 inches long.

Here is another boat who came in with a nice limit in his cooler.

Walleye: are in 30' of water. Caught trolling with worm harnesses from Walnut Creek down to Elk Creek. There have been a lot of limits so far being caught and then some not so lucky but still getting a few.

Dustin Plummer brought this walleye in for a citation.

Roger Riggs also got this nice 30 inch walleye.

And this was another citation size walleye. Caught on Sea Wolfs boat.

On the south side of the launch ramp please be careful. There the ground is hollowed from a beaver. Please watch where it is marked.

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