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Fishing Report Posted: October 30, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on October 30, 2003 at 18:00:34:


There is one launch ramp for launching boats. It will be in until next week then it will be removed. There is NO FISHING from the launch ramp. All the other docks and launch ramps are out. The marina is open for fishing as of 4:00 P.M. tomorrow (Friday).

SHORE FISHING: Please remember that you still are to pull your lines for boats launching and coming in. Do not let your lines interfere with boat traffic.

BOATERS: there is no fishing allowed from boats in marina or channel.

The lights are up and working in the South Parking lot.

For the hours that the building is not open, there are six (6) porta-johns placed around the facility for your convenience.

Also, please make sure you use the dumpsters. We have four (4) dumpsters and six (6) smaller containers for garbage. Therefore, there will be no lenience or tolerance for littering.


Perch can be caught off the North and South pier at the Bay. I have had no report of any being caught out of Walnut.

Steel head and Salmon are still coming in the creeks. Boaters trolling in front of the creeks are having some luck. There are a lot of Coho and Browns being brought in for angler awards. One of our West Crawford county WCO's, Joe Russell, brought his mom (Dixie) and dad (John) up to go fishing. His mother caught her first Brown trout and his dad got his first steel head. Each filled out an angler award for first fish. Joe said it made his mothers day. Mom and Dad said they had a great time. They said they would be back the next day.

I have had a lot of people ask if they can continue fishing after they caught their third fish. The answer is yes but......We recommend that you keep two then if you want to continue fishing, take the last one you catch as your third. If you have three and continue fishing, you run the risk of killing one you plan on releasing. That makes it your fourth and you are over the limit. You WILL be fined. Also, you can have only the creel limit (3) while fishing per day. If you are here for more than one day, you are allowed a possession limit of (6) but only while traveling from the fishing site to your place of residence, not while you are fishing.


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