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Fishing Report Posted: October 10, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on October 10, 2003 at 07:09:45:

Because of the nasty weather we had the past two weeks, there were just a few fish being caught. This week has been good so far.

STEEL HEAD: All week the steel head have been caught in the creeks and at the mouth of the creeks. The best time is when it is dusk either before the sun comes up totally or before it goes down completely. Also, they seem to be biting at noon time for some reason. Just for a while though.

PERCH: The perch have been hard to find. It was told to me by a few people that if a pack of fish goes through, let it go. It is just junk fish. The perch come after the pack of junk fish. They aren't showing on the fish finder though. Still straight out though at the 28880 - 58395 line.

WALLEYE: No one has caught one in a while. Not that I have heard. They seem to have found a good hiding place.

The lights in the south parking lot should begin to go in next week. The poles are being put in now and next week they will start putting the lights in. They have to put the fiber optics in for the cameras first though.

BOATERS: The channel is starting to fill in so if you take a boat out please be careful. Lift your prop as high as you can. It is said to be about 2 ft deep in the middle of the channel straight out from the tree.

SHORE FISHING PEOPLE: Please remember to pull your lines for the boats. It is very costly for the damage that gets done to the boats if lines get wrapped around there props.

OCTOBER 31, AT 4:00 PM.

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]

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