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Fishing Report Posted: October 02, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on October 02, 2003 at 09:49:12:


The south parking lot is still not lite up so be very careful while walking in the area. Be on the look out for walkers if you are driving too.

Law enforcement is on the look out for violations on litter, snagging and running the stop sign. Please obey the laws so everyone can have a good time and no one has to pay a big fine for violating the laws.

Since boating season is almost over PLEASEwhile fishing from shore, remember to bring your lines in all the way for the boaters. If one of the lines dangling in the water happens to catch a fish while a boat is going by, the fish most likely will take it under the boat and cause hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage. It is posted for "shore fishing people to pull lines for boats".

Also, until the docks are out please DO NOT USE THE "SLIP HOLDERS PARKING" AREA. These people pay extra for the privilege to be able to park there. Make it fun so everyone can have a good time and not worry about getting fined or being in a fight. The docks will be out the end of October.

Perch were being caught in 43-60 feet of water when the boaters could get out. The weather has been so nasty lately that we have had only two days in the past two weeks where boats could go out.

Walleye have moved and not too many are being found.

Steelhead and Salmon are the fish of the week. Except for the water conditions the fish are in and waiting to be caught. We have had rain and it will continue for at least the next 5 days so the creeks are muddy and rolling. Not many fish are being caught but they are there.

Everyone have a good time and please obey the rules and laws of fishing.

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