Steelhead at trout run: Lake Erie Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: September 22, 2003

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Posted by Christopher Carroll on September 22, 2003 at 14:06:25:

*** THE STEELHEAD ARE COMING IN ***. Even though the steelhead are not in the creek yet, they were abundant at the mouth of the creek up to the wall of the pig pin at trout run. There were approx. 75 to 100 fisherman lined up in the lake and steelhead were beinning caught on a variety of baits. The water temperature seemed to be about 67 to 69 degrees. Within about 1 hour, we busted off 8, and landed 2. My oldest son landed his first steelhead. That alone was worth the trip. It seems as though the run is about to get under way and should be in full swing within the next couple of weeks. We did not even check out any other locations because we were catching them at trout run. Good luck to all.

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