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Fishing Report Posted: September 18, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on September 18, 2003 at 16:28:47:

Steel head: People are showing up at the creeks for the steel head activity but the fish are not showing up just yet. You might catch a couple. The water temperature is too high yet (72 degrees). 68 degrees is the ideal temperature. Boaters are starting to catch a few in the trenches. The best time for shore fishing is at the end of September or when you start seeing boats trolling in front of the creeks. Of course you could always fish at night into the lake off Trout Run and get a some. This weekend might bring some in with the rain we are to get.

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]
Perch: are coming in closer now. They are in 41-60 ft of water straight out of Walnut and between Trout and Walnut. Emerald shiners are the preferred bait. They are also biting on the small golden shiners. Just look for the pack and park on outside of it. They are on the bottom a lot of the time. Just bounce the bottom a couple times and slowly reel up until they hit. Sometimes you can't even feel them hit.

Walleye: Very few limits are being caught as of late. They seem to have scattered. Just a few being picked up here and there. No special area is better than the other. You just have to look for them now. Spoons and plugs are being used. These might get you a steel head too.


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