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Fishing Report Posted: September 13, 2003

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Posted by Mark on September 13, 2003 at 18:55:33:

This is in response to your posted pictures. The first picture is labeled as a steelhead. It appears to me that it is a salmon (note the forked tale, the black mouth, and the greenish tint). I think this is a typical error that fishermen make in the Erie area. The fish commission has opted to discontinue the coho stocking program that has been so incredibly successful over the last 20+ years. They are complaining of the low return on the cohos. This is simply untrue from my experience. I fish the lake, the streams, the bay, anywhere that steelhead/salmon return to, and I can tell you that on average I have caught one salmon for every three fish during the fall runs. Last year I caught salmon in January through the ice on walnut. The salmon stocking has been tremendously successful; this is the bottom line. It is too bad that the fish commission likely relies upon angler reports to determine estimates regarding return. Too often the guy who says he caught a steelhead has actually caught a salmon. Additionally, eat them and notice the difference. It's no coincidence that Alaska sends its salmon all over the world.
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