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Fishing Report Posted: September 10, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on September 10, 2003 at 16:12:49:

I would like to personally thank Nancy Taylor, Val Haser, Sandy Leah and Cristy Ferrier for all their help in making it a good fish fry. Also but not least I want to thank Bill Oshinsky, Jack McGill(ling king), John Grode, and Leo Uhl for all the help they gave frying the fish. If not for them the fish fry wouldn't have gone off as well as it did.

Steel head: People are showing up at the creeks for the steel head activity but the fish are not showing up just yet. You might be a lucky one and catch one but it doesn't happen often. The water temperature is too high yet (72 degrees). When it reaches 68 degrees that is the time to start checking. They are only catching a couple here and there out in the lake. The best time to start looking into it is at the end of September or when you start seeing boats trolling in front of the creeks.

Walleye: Very few limits are being caught as of late. The ones being caught are outside the perch pack. Worm harnesses and plugs are being used. Plugs might get you a steel head but not many of them are being caught yet. Plugs also keep the unwanted fish from biting usually.

Perch: are in 48-64 ft. straight out of Walnut and between Trout and Walnut. A lot of perch are being caught while trolling for walleye. Emerald shiners are the preferred bait. They are also biting on the small golden shiners. Just look for the pack and park on outside of it. They are on the bottom a lot of the time. Just bounce the bottom a couple times and slowly reel up until they hit. Sometimes you can't even feel them hit.


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