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Fishing Report Posted: July 04, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on July 04, 2003 at 11:19:23:

The engravers were here June 28th to add more names to the Memorial Wall in the garden.

The South parking lot is done except for striping the lines. The striping is to be started on July 8th so please be careful how you park so as not to hinder the other boaters' trailers in the mean time. There will be orange arrows to let people know which way to park. Please park according to the arrows and follow suit as to how the people are parking. Park so you can PULL out not back out. THANK YOU

There is a big rock at the mouth of the channel. When you come in from the lake stay close to the center. The rock is 1' under water and 5' from the west wall.

Walleye seem to be found just about everywhere but you got to look for them. Boaters are trolling on the south side of the first trench going West in 63 ft and deeper. Use medium dipsys off the boards 115 back with worm harnesses of black and purple when cloudy and yellow and green when it is sunny. Big dipsys off the sides seem to do good too. We have had some Angler Award size Walleye brought in to the marina for weighing. Size of fish for award is 8 pounds. Usually, 28" is an 8 pounder. (Depending on the girth.)

Perch can be found straight out of Walnut Creek in around 50-52 ft of water. Also between Walnut and Trout in about 52-54 ft. Emerald shiners are the preferred bait.

Small mouth can still be caught in along the shore line where there is rocky formations.

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