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Fishing Report Posted: June 21, 2003

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Posted by Sherry on June 21, 2003 at 08:09:45:

The South parking lot has the binding done. It is open until 6AM on Monday the 23rd then it will be closed until the black-top is done. It should take approximately 2 1/2 days to finish the black-top, weather permitting. By next weekend it should be done. Boaters will still have to be careful of parking until the lines get painted. Be courteous of the other vehicles and trailers. Try to make your own lanes with vehicles until the lines are down. PLEASE don't park to hinder other vehicles from parking. The PFBC construction crew will be here Monday also to finish up putting in the light stations.

Boaters be careful of nets in the water. They are at 58374.5 - 28880 line.

Walleye seem to be found just about everywhere. Boaters are going West in 35-45 ft, North along the south edge of the first trench in 60-65 ft, and East straight out of the condos in about 55-65 ft. We have had some Angler Award size Walleye brought in to the marina for weighing. Average size of fish for award is 28" for 8 pounder. (Depending on the girth too.)

Perch can be found in 54-57 ft of water straight out of Walnut and 52-55 ft out from the lighthouse. Nice size to them too. Anywhere around 10-12 inches the majority. Mostly on the 390-880 line.

Small mouth can still be caught in 25 ft of water all along the shore line.

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