WCO Report Western Crawford County - 04/23/2003: Erie, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: April 23, 2003

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Posted by WCO Joe Russell on April 23, 2003 at 09:19:34:


Pymatuning lake:
Shore fishermen are doing well in the last week wading. Walleye are being caught in 4 to 5 feet of water by these fishermen using Rappallas and Jigs tipped with minnies. Boat fishermen are not having the same luck and those that are, are bringing there boats in shallow and fishing near the waders. The best time are at evening and usually from 6pm on until dark. We had a special enforcement detail over the weekend with 232 boats checked and only 40 to 50 walleye checked. People just were not catching them during the day. Several officers from around the area as well as Ohio Officers and state park rangers took place in this detail. Out of the 232 boats being boarded very few citations were issued and those that were were usually for multiple violations on the same boat. Safety items comprised most of the violations and almost 3 times the amount of warnings were given as citations issued. These safety details will continue throughout the state during the summer months making sure that fishermen and boaters are in compliance with our laws and safe out on the waters of the Commonwealth.

Conneaut lake:
No activity was noted for this lake over the last week and I have heard no reports from fishermen on any catches.

Conneaut Creek:
The creek got stocked with it's in season allotment of trout and another 2300 fish were put in on friday the 18th. Some anglers were present as we were stocking and I noticed several full stringers as we pulled up to the holes. With the cold weather and snow we are recieving tonight, this stream should stay cold for a while and remain good for fishing for quite some time. With all the overhangs and snag and habitat for them to hide this is an excellent trout stream to try before the weather gets to warm. Several nice breeders were put in off of this last stocking so there are some really big fish in there if you work for them.

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