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Fishing Report Posted: June 02, 2002

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Posted by Captain Ron Rusch on June 02, 2002 at 09:25:11:

The morning of 5/30/2002, Wind 5 to 10 mile per hour out of south west, warm and sunny. Conditions were great but the bite was unfound for the first three drifts other than a bunch of gobies and some jumbo perch for the captains dinner.

The smallies could not be found in the 18 to 30 foot depth.

Moved in to the 8 to 12 and started catching small bass at a good pace on any size minnow and a few on tubes.

Continued to work east, the wind by now was dead and slowly shifting to the west.

At the moment of the shift the bite began with a 20+ incher.

Then a big bellied 19.75 incher 6.25 pounds. What a fish!

The fish just kept coming one after another. This was now a great day!

Then the second 20+ incher of the day made it's power jumping and diving battle to the net.

The fish were all of good-sized and many put on a good air show.

The day end up fantastic with west is best. Gobies green tubes and any size minnows working great. Very few boats out today. Mainly just us and the one in the background.

Best depth ended up 14 to 17 feet on the rocks. Snags were heavy.

WOW! What a day. Total smallmouth catch over 75

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