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Fishing Report Posted: May 13, 2002

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Posted by Captain Ron Rusch on May 13, 2002 at 23:59:22:

The thrill of catching a 20 inch smallmouth is quite a treat. The moment the hook is set the power is felt. The action is nothing but constant steady pull. The fish is cranked to the top, then the drag sings to the smallmouth's run to the bottom. The height of it all is reached when the smallie makes the net.

Saturday morning the south wind at Shades gave a good drift. Action was good with a couple doubles. 20 to 30 feet was the best. Water was murky after yesterdays gale force winds.

8:00 AM the wind dropped and so did the bite.

The wind picked up but was now out of the northeast which today made the truth of "East is Least" A few fish were caught.

A nice sized Rock Bass was caught at Shorewood.

By after noon the wind dropped some, but action was still slow until we tried 12 feet. Here the water was clear and the fish were biting with doubles again and a triple. Jigging small minnows worked the best.

Time was now short but some nice fish were caught in the final hour.

Water temp Saturday was 51 degrees.

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