WCO Report for Erie and Crawford County 01/16/02: Erie area, PA,
Fishing Report Posted: January 16, 2002

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Posted by WCO John Bowser on January 16, 2002 at 09:31:12:

Erie WCO Fishing Report / DWCO Randy Leighton

A gradual melting of our winter blast has raised the tributary levels as high as they've been in a long time. Since the melt has been slow, the tribs have not washed out yet, however the waters are stained. This can produce excellent fishing. The Manchester Hole is still loaded with fish and the high water level spreads from bank to bank. Hardy anglers are back out in good numbers although wintery conditions still leave plenty of elbow room on all the tribs. The Project Waters at Walnut are high and fast moving with fish holding in all the pools. Ice jams at the mouth of Walnut and Elk Creeks have melted. The Basin at Walnut is ice free and very fishable. The Holes at the Legion Park in Girard have filled in nicely and should be holding good numbers of fish. High water levels are allowing fish to move freely and up stream areas such as Folly's End and the Streuchen Flats should be holding fish though upstream areas are iced in some places. Stained waters can be best fished with egg sacs, especially the colored ones, along with live or salted minnows and the brighter colored micro jigs tipped with wax worms or grubs. High water levels can make wading tricking and caution is advised.

...Safe Boating Course reminder
A PFBC Basic Boating Course is scheduled for February 25th and 26th.
(Mon. & Tues.) from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. at the Nature Center on Presque Isle (Stull Interpretive Center). This is an eight hour course that covers the basics of boating safety. Materials are provided and there is no cost for the class. This is a great course for the beginning boater or to freshen up your boating skills. Successful completion of the course earns the participant a boaters safety certificate as required for personal watercraft operation. For more information or to register you can email Officers Bowser or Leighton at Jwb014@aol.com or Rglerie@aol.com or you may call 774-0928

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A great time to be had for couples. Your ticket gives you a chance at the $2,000.00 Main Prize, dinner, drinks, music, games, & dancing. It is being held on Feb. 9th @ St. John's Social Hall / Girard with Happy Hour starting at 5:30 ... Dinner @ 7:00 ... Dancing from 9:00 to Midnight.
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New Officer assigned to vacant Central Erie District ...
WCO Tom Edwards will take over the duties of the Central Erie County District starting January 22, 2002. WCO's Kerr & Bowser have been sharing coverage of the area since the resignation of WCO Ann Caretto last fall. This will bring the county back to a full complement and provide better coverage. Tom has worked extensively in the area as a Seasonal WCO and is familiar with the demands of the county. We will be dragging him around to the club meetings this winter to give everyone a shot at him. .... jb

Western Crawford / WCO Joe Russell

Pymatuning Lake-As of this weekend people were out in droves fishing the
northern end of the lake, around the Manning area, however there was only
about 4 inches of ice and since then we have had 40 degree temps and rain so
I don't believe any ice we have left would be any good. Tonight, Tuesday the
15th, it is snowing and any bad ice we have is going to be insulated by that
and it probably won't be making any new ice. The fishermen that were checked
by me on Saturday were saying that it was extremely slow and of all the guys
checked we saw only one WALLEYE and he said that was caught first thing in
the morning and the entire rest of the day they didn't even get any bumps.
Fishermen were very spread out as well, another sign no one was doing any
good, if someone would have been hauling in fish they would have gathered
around them.

Conneaut Lake-Most of Conneaut Lake is still open water, with at least half
of it being open. There is just enough ice that a boat is out of the
question but not enough to fish from. There has been no activity here this
week for just that reason.

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