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Fishing Report Posted: March 27, 2005

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Posted by Maumee River Outfitters on March 27, 2005 at 15:55:36:

Steady would be a very good adjective for the last week to 10 days of fishing. Locally, plenty of fish have been taken with water temps hovering around 40 to 42 degree. Water temp is typically biggest factors to push these fish into our Maumee River.

Water flow has been pretty steady with no washout rains. In short, fishing conditions have been very close to ideal for this early in the year.

Most of the fish we've been catching these last 10 days have been males. We have not seen a large push of females in this river - although several fish over 10lbs have been reported.

There are some excellent eating 16-18" who are snapping up our floaters and ending up in the frying pan. These are the 3 year old fish from 2002's excellent spawn. These were the 12" fish that were biting so readily on the western basin of lake erie last spring and summer.

As the run begins to get heavier with females - please release these for the future of the fishery!

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]