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Fishing Report Posted: May 18, 2004

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 18, 2004 at 05:47:49:

On fire! Wow, what a week. I’ve been saying right along that if we ever get any stable weather that the entire western basin is gong to fire up. Well last week’s summer like temperatures with highs in the upper 80’s each day triggered the Walleyes like I haven’t seen in a long time. All of a sudden there are Walleyes everywhere and they are biting big time! We had a handful of trips aboard “The Trophy” last week and we elected to troll on all of our trips. For a few days we worked between Rattlesnake and South Bass Island with limit catches each day. By Sunday, the water had cleaned up dramatically and the fish had moved out of the bay for the most part. We ended up on the east side of South Bass and worked towards Kellys Island. Unbelievable. That is the only way to describe the action. We fished #40 Jets, 45 – 55 ft. back with little Michigan Stinger spoons off of the planner boards, and they were deadly. All of the trollers are doing very well.

Other hotspots have been between “D” can and Niagara Reef, and to the west around “A” can has also been awesome for the trollers. The drifters have had a good bite for almost a week now, fishing south of Toussaint and Round Reef toward the range markers. This water is shallower and most of the Walleyes are on the bottom. Bottoms bouncers have been working excellent when the wind is up; casting flipping harnesses is doing as well when the wind drops off, and you have to cast for the fish. The trollers are getting much bigger fish though. We had a Walleye last Friday that went 31 ¼ inches but in general they have all been nice fish. Limits for both the trollers and the drifters were common.

What a difference a week makes. Water temperatures are now in the upper 50’s. For anyone interested, we still have about a half a dozen open dates left for the next two weeks before we move the boat east to Ashtabula for the summer. If you ever wanted to fish the “Walleye capital of the world”, right now is the time to do it. The action is awesome.

Capt. Walt

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