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Fishing Report Posted: May 03, 2004

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 03, 2004 at 06:55:58:

Up and down. That pretty much describes the way fishing has been going for most of us here at the Western Basin. Although we’ve been catching Walleyes everyday, some days are definitely better than others. We’re still in that darn transition period where everything works somewhat. That’s the keyword somewhat.

We’re getting a few fish trolling, some on bottom bouncers and worms, and we are still getting Walleyes jigging. Our best day was Saturday where we caught a couple dozen of really nice Walleyes vertical jigging down on the beach west of “K” can. The Smallmouth Bass are starting to really come on strong as the water temps start to climb into the 50’s. As of this past weekend, water temps hit 53°.

The action for the trollers is starting to get hot and heavy north of Kelly’s Island. This area traditionally gets good in May with a lot of the migrating bigger Walleyes starting to move eastward for the summer. I haven’t headed up there yet this year but I’m thinking maybe this coming week we may spend a day or two checking things out. I really like this part of the lake and have a lot of fond memories of some very impressive catches that we have taken over the years trolling around Gull Island and Kelly Shoals, north of Kelly’s Island.

The drifters are starting to do OK with bottom bouncers in the somewhat deeper water around “A” can, close to West Sister Island. The very best action for the worm draggers has been out in the extreme corner of the western basin just outside of the Maumee Bay where the action has been good with the river fish returning to the lake. This area is just to far to the west of Port Clinton for me to check it out myself but the reports that I have been getting are from reliable sources so I would assume that it’s been pretty good in that particular area.

We still need some stable weather to set things up a little more consistently throughout the Western Basin. Again, if the weather holds out, things should only get better with each passing day.

Capt. Walt

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