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Fishing Report Posted: April 26, 2004

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 26, 2004 at 08:02:42:

This past week was a week of transition. We caught Walleyes on board “the Trophy” jigging, trolling, and drifting with bottom bouncers and crawlers. It all worked.

The spawn is over now and the jigging method will slow down more and more as each day passes by. We finally caught our first Walleyes trolling over the weekend. What worked best for us was using #20 Jets; 70 ft. back along with shallow running crank baits. We are seeing some Smallmouth Bass each day although we still have to release them due to the new closed season this year.

Best action for the Walleyes has been around “K” can to the west. The trollers are working the flats north of the reef complex. We are seeing a lot of larger Walleyes starting to get caught again as these fish are recovering from the spawning period now. Some Perch are being caught by the perchers off of Green Island and out by Marblehead. Water temps have finally cracked 50°. With out any real bad gales predicted, the fishing should really take off in the next few days.

Capt. Walt

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