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Fishing Report Posted: April 12, 2004

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 12, 2004 at 22:22:42:

A good week. Fishing last week for the most part couldn’t have been any better. The beaches from Davis Bessie clear to Toledo have been on fire! Best depths have been from 10 ft. to 14 ft. Anything jigged is working. Guys are using bare twister tails and hair jigs with no bait and are doing about as good as the ones tipped with a shiner! Blade baits, Swedish Pimples and Castmasters are all producing Walleyes!

The size has been average to small although I have yet to see an undersize Walleye (less than 15 inches with the new size limit this season). Most are all males about 16 inches to 23 inches. Good eaters. Although it is still early in the month, it almost seems like the spawn is winding down. You are no longer seeing the big females rolling around on the surface. Water temps are still cold though with the temperature holding around 45 °.

The reefs always produce fish this time of year but with the tremendously easy fishing on the beaches right now, the reefs are receiving very little pressure. Trollers are already doing well fishing the deeper water just north of the reef complex. Best action has been just east of B can. Reef Runners fished very high have been the favorite crankbait that most trollers are using right now. About the only thing that I haven’t heard working yet is worms. I plan on putting a flat on board “The Trophy” the latter part of this week.

Thus far, we’ve limited out everyday but Sunday on Heddon Sonars. Sunday was a miserable cold and windy day with east-northeast winds, which slowed things down big time. We still caught a decent amount of fish but had to work at it. I think if we ever get some really nice weather, the walleye fishing will be just awesome. It looks like we’re off to a very good start. I haven’t seen or heard of any Perch or Smallmouth being taken.

Capt. Walt

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