ODNR Fishing Report 9/13/2005: Western Basin, OH,
Fishing Report Posted: September 14, 2005

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Posted by ODNR on September 14, 2005 at 08:41:59:

Western Basin

Walleye fishing effort is still low, with few fish being taken. Anglers are picking a few up off of Kelley’s Island Shoal. Elsewhere, most harvested fish are coming as incidental catch while perch fishing. Look for fishing to improve as the water cools, as fish from the 2003 year class surpass 15”, and when the migratory walleye return from the east.

Yellow Perch
Perch fishing is good, with limit catches coming from many different locations. The best areas include Little Cedar Point, the Turnaround Buoy, the Firing Range, the area between Green and Rattlesnake Island, and W of Kelley’s Island. Most fish are still running on the small side, but larger fish (10-12”) are starting to appear in the catch. A perch spreader tipped with shiners is the most popular set-up.

Smallmouth Bass
The best smallmouth bass fishing has been around the Bass Islands, Kelley’s Island and Sandusky Bay. Largemouth bass have been caught in Sandusky Bay, East Harbor and West Harbor.

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