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Fishing Report Posted: May 17, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 17, 2015 at 03:40:01:

Great trolling! This past week ďThe TrophyĒ was strictly a fish catching trolling machine! It was the first week since my arriving at Port Clinton at the end of March of this year where we did absolutely no drift fishing at all. And you know what? It just felt right! We did indeed have a bout of lousy weather for a few days midweek but for a change it was on the days where I had nothing scheduled anyway. But by Friday the winds had eased and the 80ís returned as well on the thermometer. Just in time for me to go back to work!

With the Walleyes in full post spawn mode now trolling seemed like the most logical way to attack the often time lethargic fish as they move off the reefs and the shallows and recuperate in the deeper water. With trolling we put out a LOT of gear, cover a lot of ground and with me having much more control over the whole situation as opposed to the individual fisherman casting and having to learn and figure out the bite while drifting, our odds for success improved dramatically. And with the past couple of weeks where we had mostly above normal temperatures, the Walleyes were acting more like it was mid summer and putting on the feed bag rather then the sometimes sluggish post spawn May fish that I have sometimes seen before in years past. The action out there the last few days was fast & furious! And I donít mean the movie! lol

The best action that we found was on the east side of the big cans between G and D can and almost north to Niagara Reef. It was no secret though. I swear every boat in the western basin was competing for the same water! But the fish were not skittish and everybody was swinging nets. We just picked and weaved our way through all of the traffic and avoided the heavier clusters of boats when we could and proceeded to knock out limits each day. A good feeling watching everyone excited and happy reeling in nice plump spring Walleyes. Of coarse it wasn't all peaches and cream for me. With each passing day here in the western basin with the water temperatures soaring, the junk fish are really firing up as well. Especially the White Bass! Oh my are they getting bad out here. I wonít miss all of the boat traffic or all of these stinking White Bass when I go to leave next weekend.

Speaking of which, it's finally here. My final week here in Port Clinton for yet another year. Itís just about time to pack everything up and head on east to Ashtabula my home port for the summer and the rest of the year. I am getting very reliable good reports from back home already. I am ready to go. But first, I have to get through this final week and try not to let the White Bass drive me nuts! Iím sure weíll do fine with the Walleyes here. Itís really happening now with them. We just have to weed thru all the garbage to get them. OK, I still have next Sunday May the 24th available for a final Port Clinton trip. Monday, Memorial Day which is May the 25th is also available but for a Ashtabula, OH charter already. You could be trip #1 for me back there this year! As I mentioned last week, there will be no fishing report next weekend as I will be tied up making the big move. Check back here on my website in two weeks or on the site but in the central basin section for new reports from out east. So thatís it. I hope you've all enjoyed following along thus far and I look forward to continuing my reports from back home. See everyone soon down the road!

Capt. Walt
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