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Fishing Report Posted: May 10, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 10, 2015 at 04:13:38:

A so, so week. We saw a little bit of everything this past week aboard ďThe TrophyĒ. We still had a couple of real good days of jigging but we also had a couple of days that were just so, so at best. The rest of the remainder of the week we spent trolling with mixed results ranging from quite good to just a slow pick. I think itís pretty safe to say though that our jigging season here is down to itís final last gasps and about over with. It never was real great this spring as a whole in my own opinion. Not like some of the other springs that I have seen from over the almost 30 years of fishing that I have done up this way. It did have itís moments though if you happened to be one of the more luckier crews with good casting skills and drawing decent weather as well. That was pretty hard to come by this past April though. I am sure that had a lot to do with our lack luster average catches some of the days.

Speaking of weather, here is the skinny on what went down this past week in that department out here. Monday, wow did we have some stiff south winds. Tuesday with a little front that went through brought cool and raw conditions back to the western basin with a rather stiff north wind as well. Wednesday, holy foggy day Batman! Man, itís been a lot of years since I have fished in such a dense fog. It was total absolutely zero visibility out there. Many if not most that didn't have boats equipped with radar even cancelled their trips. Although I donít enjoy going in such conditions, I do trust my electronics to safely guide us out and back again. Of coarse most of our traveling was done at practically a crawl speed. And it never lifted that day. We went out by radar, we returned safely with the the radar along with satellite guidance from GPS, chart plotters showing the way and the auto pilot insuring that we were going in a straight line out there rather then doing circles in the fog!

Thursday on through the weekend were back to unseasonably warm temperatures with sunny skies and flat seas. Perfect trolling water! And thatís what we did. We spent most of our time about 12 miles out from port in the deep water north of the reef complex. No one spot was particularly hot for us. We just roamed around in random with a lot of gear out and picked away at the fish. We would hit a few spots where we would hook doubles up, then circle around and re-run the same exact spot and never move a rod. Weird. Also, the crank baits that I had been pulling in the limited amount of trolling that I have done thus far seemed to be rather ineffective for us. So since we are well into May now, I just switched up to our normal May trolling program. 40 Jets and the Stinger scorpion spoons. And itís been working. Again, no burn but we caught decent amounts of fish. And along with the ďwell into May and our normal May trolling programĒ comes the what is anymore the new normal around here, the pain in the ass White Bass again. Man itís always something. And itís going to get worst Iím afraid with them. I just know... Sigh.

So, unbelievably I am already down to just my final two weeks here in the western basin before moving my whole operation back home to my home port of Ashtabula for the summer. Next weekend will be my final fishing report from the west end here because the following week I will be busy moving my boat and I will not be posting. I always take one week off from reporting on the Memorial Day weekend of my move. But for now we still have some fishing that needs to be done out here. This coming week I still have the same block of open dates available that I mentioned last week. The 12th, 13th, and 14th. But as those dates draw nearer, the long range forecast for next week looks to be a bit iffy for those dates. It may not be as big a deal just to have those dates off if that comes to pass. I have one additional day however available for a west end trip here just before I take off that opened up due to a cancellation that I would really like to fill. A very prime Sunday, May the 24th. If you know of anyone that is looking for a trip I am open that day. Alrighty Iím thinking that we will probably just try to finish out our run out here these last two weeks strictly trolling. Again, itís that time of year for it and it just plain works. Not to mention that is what I do the very best! At least I think that is! lol!

Capt. Walt
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