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Fishing Report Posted: May 03, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 03, 2015 at 12:51:53:

Happy MAY! I feel like a brand new man! Outside today it's 70 some degrees and let me tell you, it feels GREAT! We caught lots of nice fish this past week. Maybe not hundreds of fish but plenty enough where we could hold our heads up high when we got back. And I had the same nice problem this past week as I did the week before last. I took way more great pictures of some of our bigger fish then I can possibly use in this report. A very good problem to have!

This past week aboard "The Trophy" we mixed it up with a little trolling and a little jigging. For the most part, the weather was good enough for us to do either one. For the most part... Monday was one of two exceptions. Still reeling from last weekend's crappy weather, Monday morning wasn't all that pretty either. With a stiff north, northwest wind we seeked shelter on the lee side of South Bass Island. With a raw cool rain falling and my boys under dressed, I figured the only way that we could survive the day was to throw out the trolling gear and this way everyone could huddle under the hardtop and behind the drop curtains and stay out of the weather. I was a little leery though because we had tried that approach last Saturday also with no luck. Monday was different though. The first fish that we hooked was 29 1/2 inches! We went on to land a couple of handfuls of nice fish on yet another lousy April weather day. You could say that we literally made something out of nothing.

Tuesday & Wednesday were two real nice weather days and fishing was ok for us. Of the two days, Wednesday was too calm however and with no drift at all, we set out to go troll up in what is called the flats area east and north east of Niagara reef. We went on to capture a nice box of big fish. Many Fish Ohio Award caliber fish even! (28 inch or bigger Walleyes) Our biggest that day topped out right at 30" inch. A very good day! Thursday was another set back. Cold and windy with rain once again. We tried trolling in the same area as the day before but struggled in the wide open area with the wind and waves. We managed a handful of fish with the biggest at 28" inch but with everyone wet and cold including a 9 year old that I had on board that day, we elected to have a early quit and just called it a day.

I had no trip on Friday so I just rested up and got ready for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were very summer like and pleasant. With the jigging season winding down fast, we stuck with that both days and managed to capture a nice box of fish both days. So, with next week in my sites already, I see nothing but great weather coming at us. Walleye fishing is recovering nicely from a weeks ago super bad weather. It should be a good week! On a side note, not this coming week but the following week I have a 3 day block of dates available that opened up due to my South Dakota boys that come every year having to bow out this year. That opens up May 12th, 13th, & 14th should anyone be looking. That's about it for another week from here in the western basin. Check back again next week!

Capt. Walt
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