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Fishing Report Posted: April 19, 2015

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 19, 2015 at 07:49:16:

Just a GREAT week !!! Aboard ďThe TrophyĒ this past week we enjoyed some awesome beautiful spring time weather the whole week long and some very solid Walleye fishing! As I suspected in the closing of my report last week, I was correct in my thinking that the week to come should be a dandy. And it was! All the stars finally aligned. All the ducks were in a row. Everything went right for a change! We had good water temperature with temps actually hitting the low 50ís by weeks end. Water clarity was also good and almost ďtooĒ clean! And most importantly, no super rough days. Almost perfect! Most every day was just 1 to 2 footers in the morning and then either chopping up a bit more in the late afternoon or laying down to as flat as glass. It didnít much matter though. We were limited out everyday by then!

This was one of those kind of weeks where I had a chance to take a LOT of pictures. Itís also one of those weeks where I am sorry that I can only use four pictures in my fishing report with the format that we are using. I just settled on using some of the different rack shots from the end of the day for this weeks report. But boy did I have a pile of great individual shots of some real happy anglers holding up some HUGE fish as well! I donít know what's going on this spring with this jigging but we sure are getting a lot more big females in the shallows on jigs then any other spring that I remember. And I've been doing this jigging out here a LONG time now! My only complaint with catching this many of the big females is that man do they ever make a huge mess in the boat spewing all of their eggs after they are netted at times!

Aboard ďThe TrophyĒ we just concentrated on working the beaches from the Davis Besse nuke plant well west of Port Clinton to just out front of the Moose Club here just west of the Portage River. The best water depths for us seemed to be anywhere from 12 to 15 foot. It sure seemed like most of the time when we were catching and I would happen to look up to take a quick glance at the depth finder it would be reading right around 14 1/2 foot. Just a very fun depth to be catching these big fish in on the super light tackle that I provide for these spring drift fishing trips! Nothing new with what we were using tackle wise this past week. Just the same old Purple or John Deere Green hair jigs with the trailering stinger treble hooks. If I have one thing that I donít like about these jigs and the little stinger hooks that comes with them is that they they sure donít seem to hold fish real well. Itís almost unbelievable how many hook ups we get on them just to loose the fish many times only getting a few cranks on the fish. Itís enough to get me really talking to myself at times! Lol!

So for as optimistic as I was last Sunday going into the following week, I am equally dismayed at what I am seeing now for most all of this upcoming next week. Temperatures falling back some which I really donít care that much about but accompanied with lots of wind and rain ushering in this cool down. I am checking all of my sources and at this time itís not real pretty. Weíll have to see how it all really plays out but I am getting that old sick feeling in my stomach again. Rough water leading to muddy conditions once again, leading to a much tougher bite again. I just knew this past week was just too good to last very long! I honestly donít think that hardly anyone that comes up on a charter this time of year and catches a day as pleasant as we had all this past week realizes how blessed and lucky they are. To have enjoyed a day on the big lake in April and then have everything go so right including catching limits! Well be sure to check back next week to see how tough things actually were this week. Be prepared to hear me boo hooing once again if things go as I am fearing right now! Lol!

Capt. Walt

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