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Fishing Report Posted: May 11, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 11, 2014 at 19:09:26:

Some... This past week we did some drifting and we did some trolling. We had some nice weather and we had some not so nice. And we had some really good catches and then again we had some, well, you get the idea. The start of my work week wasn’t a whole lot different then a lot of the previous six weeks that “The Trophy” has been in the water. Cold and windy. We had a very nasty and persistent stubborn stiff east wind that howled for a solid three days and three whole nights on Mon., Tue. & Wed. We fished right through it all but it wasn’t pretty. I swear when it comes to fishing, there is nothing worst then a dead out of the east wind around here in the western basin in the spring time. Just plain miserably cold and putting the fish in a somewhat lethargic mood. I just hate it.

But by Thursday, it was just like someone flipped a switch. Nice warm weather with very little wind and very cooperative fish. After spending several days trolling around north of Kelly's Island last week, we went looking for fish a bit closer to home this week. Although close is all relevant, we did find a nice school of active fish just off of Green Island. Its about a 10 mile run to there for me coming out of downtown Port Clinton or a savings of about 5 or 6 miles one way as opposed to running all the way out east to Kelly's. A round trip saving of say 12 miles is pretty substantial for me. Especially with marine fuel here on the waterfront in Port Clinton all spring long beings just shy of $5 bucks a gallon. Ouch!

Actually, I think there is much more fish back west of Kelly's as opposed to having to strategically work a little area like we had to off of the big island of Kelly's . I graphed miles of really good marks on the fish finder from the SW corner of South Bass to well west of Green Island. We sort of just picked at the fish here and there and everywhere we trolled in that area and that was a whole lot easier and refreshing to me then having to circle around in tight donuts and fighting all the boats in that area doing the same out east. And the grade of fish just west of the main body of Islands wasn’t bad either. We had plenty of 6 to 8 lb. fish. Most fish in this area seemed to be about 20 ft. down over near 30 foot of water. And the spoon bite seems to be really firing up now as well doing much better for us then our Husky Jerks and other body baits that I had been using.

So, week number seven is in the books now as I am reminded that I only have two weeks left in my stint here in the western basin. My days are all very long but the weeks just keep flying by and are all just a blur. I am starting to get really anxious about returning to my home port of Ashtabula and hunting for the Walleyes out on my own home turf. But till I do, there is still some fishing that has to be done out here before I take off. The trolling bite appears to be getting better and better whenever the weather cooperates around here now and will probably get really good here in the coming days. Everything is just running so far behind this year, thanks to the extreme winter of 2013-2014. OK, its been a while since I pedaled an open date that I have here in my fishing reports but with the fishing really picking up now I thought I would mention a peak and rare Saturday that just became available for me. Next Saturday, May the 17th just became open due to a last minute cancellation. If anybody is interested in this prime open date, please call me at anytime on my cell number, 216-387-2656. I hope to hear from someone out there and lets go fishing together that day!

Capt. Walt

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