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Fishing Report Posted: May 04, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 04, 2014 at 17:22:21:

HAPPY MAY ! Boy that was one cold, windy and rainy April! Brrrrrrrrr! Well, we have indeed flipped the page on the calendar now officially to May. Hopefully the rest of this month will be much kinder to everyone out here in the western basin, both weather wise and with more consistent fishing. This past week was fairly decent fishing wise for us aboard ‘The Trophy” but the weather was still far from nice. Monday was a complete wash out. The rest of the week was chilly with high winds moving back in for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We fished but it wasn’t very comfortable.

As I had threatened to do so in my last report, we did break out the trolling gear and went looking for some big fish this past week. And we found some whoppers north of Kelly's Island that we were able to scare up. Not exactly a run that I like to make coming out of downtown Port Clinton. For me, it’s about a 16-17 mile fuel guzzling trip one way. But we didn’t come back empty handed. We came back with plenty of Ashtabula caliber kind of fish all three days that I spent up there including a handful of Fish Ohio’s. Walleyes over 28 inches! Fishing Tru Trip Divers off of the big boards with shallow running Husky Jerks accounted for most of the Walleyes that we captured up there.

After getting beat up on Thursday trolling in the high winds & waves, I decided to tuck back in close to the beach on Friday and try to get a reprieve from the very strong and gusty southerly winds. We went back to jigging and surprisingly had a very good day. Although the fish weren't quite as big, they were really fun to catch in the shallower water with the light tackle and my boys had a ball. Saturday was even rougher and we couldn’t do much at all. With SW winds gusting to 30 mph, we had an early quit and were just happy to get back to the dock safely and get tied up. Sunday we woke up to a flat lake. And with some of my very best jig fishermen onboard that day, once again it was game on! They did great till 1:00 o clock when it was like somebody flipped a switch and 25 mph NW winds instantly kicked in and again ended our fun early. We still managed a nice pile of fish for the day though.

So if you can put any faith at all into the upcoming weeks forecast, it finally looks like we might be breaking out of this nasty pattern that has been plaguing us all spring long here. Monday is “supposed” to be 1 foot or less and by weeks end, they are even talking near 80 degree temperatures! We’ll see. I’ve been let down and disappointed before around here when the forecast didn’t sound “too bad”. Anyway, my way of thinking as of right now is that we will probably lean more and more towards trolling now to round out the remainder of my stay here in Port Clinton. I’m still however going to try to milk out a few more days of this jigging since we did OK doing that on Fri. & Sun. But if doesn’t hold up, we’ll be switching over to plan “B” right quickly. It’s nice to have that option. Till next week...

Capt. Walt

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