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Fishing Report Posted: April 27, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 27, 2014 at 17:24:14:

Muskies, Smallmouths, Sheephead, and oh yeah, and a few Walleyes. Well you can tell the water is starting to warm up. All the other species are starting to fire. We had a real potpourri of all different kinds of fish attacking our jigs this past week. On Friday we caught our second ever Musky aboard “The Trophy”! We caught one a few years ago trolling around Starve Island with a Dipsey Diver and a spoon. This one was caught jigging and came on a hair jig down on the beach in front of the Moose Club near Port Clinton. It put up quite the fight I must say on the light tackle that we use and it was quite the surprise when it emerged from the muddy water enough to see what it was. After a quick few photos, it was slipped back into the water to fight another day. That was fun!

What was not fun was some of the really cold and windy days that we had to endure once again out there. This spring is already starting to wear on me. The fishing for most of the jig fisherman including myself and my different crews this past week was not exactly easy. We ended up having some of my slowest days so far this spring on several of the trips. We just couldn’t get on them real good and if we did, they just were not aggressive enough for us to get big numbers. The only exception and the gem of the week for us was Tuesday when my Amish guests who fish very hard with me each year, managed to get one short of 6 limits for themselves. I was amazed we got anything as we fished in an incredible strong westerly wind. But they kept at it laughing and joking and somehow, someway they managed to pull a nice mess of fish out of there under some very harsh conditions!

And we did get some really nice Smallmouth Bass. They are always fun. I wasn’t too happy though to see the Sheephead starting to hit though. That usually signals the end is near for the jig bite. Unless something dramatic happens here very soon, I would have to say this will go down at least in my books as one of the more poorer jig biting seasons. Other then a few days there a couple of weeks ago, it has not been very easy and the fish have either not been there in the usual numbers as in past years or have not been very cooperative. Of coarse the weather has not helped any of all that. We have yet to have three nice days in a row around here. Its been one front after another with lots of wind and rain and cold. Just not the conditions that lead up to very successful and consistent catches. Guess what they say about you not being able to do anything about the weather and that that’s fishing has never been more true. It doesn't make things less painful on me however.

So, the month of April is about over with. Unbelievable. Half of my stay here in the western basin is already up for this year. This was supposed to be the easy part of my season. I guess as soon as this coming week already, I think I’m going to have to dust off some of the trolling gear and see if I can turn this thing around. But along with that comes a whole new set of headaches and challenges and certainly much more work for me. We’ll see. And the weather... Oh boy. This whole upcoming weeks forecast looks terrible. Rain pretty much everyday including heavy at times and wind too. Monday they are calling for 3-5 footers. Looks like no fishing again at least that day. For better or worst, I for one am really ready to flip the page on the calendar over to May. Cant be much tougher I don’t think. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

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