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Fishing Report Posted: January 01, 2014

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 01, 2014 at 12:21:44:

Happy New Fishing Season 2014! Oh my I canít believe its mid-winter already and that in two short months ďThe TrophyĒ will be once again back in the water and ready for action. What I really canít believe is that this will be my 28th season! Where have all the years gone? My career is definitely winding down. But itís not over yet!

Before we look forward to this upcoming new season, letís quickly review last yearís fishing. April started out at Port Clinton with both great fishing and early season weather woes which are to be expected that early in the season. May was very pleasant for us and the fishing was good. June back in Ashtabula, my home port was just FABULOUS! It was the best June fishing that I had ever experienced! July and August had good fishing but we saw a lot of windy days. And in the fall, Sept. & Oct. were beyond fabulous! The great Walleye fishing hung in there well into Oct. and the Perch fishing was consistently awesome. It was probably the nicest fall weather that we had to work with in a long time.

This coming year should be no different. If we can get half way decent weather, our remarkable Walleye fishery should once again deliver remarkable catches and wonderful memories. Although there may be snow on the ground outside, right now is the time to make your fishing plans and firm up those dates that I may be holding for you. This is the least favorite part of this business for me: the scheduling and trying to accommodate everyone's wants and needs. You can help by please promptly replying with your date confirmations and deposits. Every year I get burned somewhere along the way because I generously hold dates for people longer then I should have.

There are no major changes for 2014. We will once again be in Port Clinton in the spring for the exciting April hands on jigging season and Mays casting/trolling trips. June will find us back home in Ashtabula, OH for the remainder of the season. Dock locations will be in the same exact spots where we have been for years now. Most charter rates will remain the same EXCEPT the summer trolling rates for people that come in a group of 5. We have modestly increased rates here in an attempt to raise revenue without punishing my smaller group sizes that so faithfully comply with my wishes of having mostly 4 man charters for the offshore summer trolling trips.

I urge everyone to inspect the new brochure and websites pricing and if youíve always come in a larger party size to consider trying my suggestion of 4 people. Itís a win, win situation for everyone. Itís not so crowded and is a much more personal experience. When trolling your turn comes around so much sooner and the odds of limiting the boat out increases dramatically. And if we donít limit out youíre only splitting your fillets up 4 ways instead of 5. It makes a BIG difference. It also makes things a bit easier on me and I am not getting any younger.

In review, there are no changes to the spring trips rates. 1 to 5 people is all the same as last year in Port Clinton as are the fall Perch trips for 1 to 5 people. No change for my summer 4 man trips. No changes in the spring and summer schedule or dock locations. And as far as I know, no changes in fish limits or anything like that. So please check your dates and get back to me ASAP. Best dates go fast so if you need to change something, call soon. Deposits should be sent out in the next few weeks to insure your spot. Also check out the new pictures up on my websites home page slide show and the album page with some of 2013 seasons catches. See if you made the cut! I hope to see everyone once again for ďJust another day on The TrophyĒ!

Capt. Walt

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