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Fishing Report Posted: May 19, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 19, 2013 at 07:27:50:

Really rolling now ! Fishing in the western basin is really going well now, especially for all the trollers. Once again aboard “The Trophy” we strictly trolled this past whole week and the results for us were very good ! We logged a lot of miles however choosing the best possible locations for each particular day, depending on the wind and wave direction and the water clarity. Every area that we chose to work was productive for us. We spent one day close to the Canadian line north east of North Bass Island early on in the week after the one day big blow that we had on Mothers Day that really muddied things up. It was the cleanest water that I could find and it was holding some BIG Walleyes for us!

Then we spent a couple of days fishing around Sugar Island on the west side of the Islands doing pretty good before things cleaned up enough to move out well to the west of the Islands in some of the favored traditional trolling areas between Niagara reef, Rattlesnake & Green Island. That’s where things really heated up with really good numbers of fish caught by us and most everybody working in that general area. The numbers of fish was real good but I must admit that the size was a bit smaller on average then some of the hawgs that we were pulling in some of our earlier trolling trips north of Kellys Island clear to the Canadian line. Our Saturdays catch still averaged 3.72 pounds per fish. Not wall hangers but just PERFECT eaters !

The weather this past week was like a yo yo. We had everything from dead calm and hot conditions to howling NE winds and cold on Friday that we still toughed out in and somehow managed to do quite good. Saturday was very choppy as well and a real zoo out there with every weekend warrior all out there all trying to fish where the charters were working. Man, I won’t miss any of that after I leave for Ashtabula next weekend. Best set ups for us once again was the Tru Trip jet divers fished anywhere from 40 to 60 feet back with the little stinger Spoons off the big planer boards. Colors for us were all over the map and I really don’t think that it mattered all that much. When its good, it’s good...

So this upcoming week will be my last week fishing here in the western basin for this spring and this will be my final fishing report from out here as well as I will be very busy next weekend moving my entire operation back to my home port of Ashtabula, OH for the summer. Fishing reports on my website will be seamless but if you’ve enjoyed following along with my weekly little blogs on , my summer reports from out east can be found in their eastern Ohio section of lake & stream fishing reports. Its probably just as easy to just bookmark my website and follow along on there in my “News” section and keep racking up my hit counter ! lol ! OK, finally this final week I find myself with some open dates that I would like to fill including next Friday, May 24th which I really would like to fill. Fishing is very good up here right now and the weather looks like its going to hold right on through. Anybody wanting a spur of the moment Walleye trip with me can call, text, e-mail or even send smoke signals to me at any time of day or night and I will be more then happy to set you up. lol! And if not, well I’ll just see everyone back home. So that’s it. Over and out from the western basin for another year...

Capt. Walt

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