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Fishing Report Posted: May 12, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 12, 2013 at 08:23:00:

GREAT trolling ! We had some of our heaviest loads of the year this past week doing what I do the very best. Troll. We trolled exclusively this entire past week aboard “The Trophy” and it started out good early on and ended up great! This will be a bit of an abbreviated fishing report because it’s Mothers Day and I have some very special company here today in Port Clinton. My Mom ! In the past 20 plus years this will be the first time that she’s made the trip out here to spend the day with me. I know, it should be the other way around but with my work I am literally away from home and family for 7 months a year. Most don’t understand the sacrifice's I make during the fishing season. Such is my job.

We had another week of fabulous weather up until the weekend where we slipped back to unseasonable cool and raw conditions. But most of this past week it was just simply delightful. And that’s exactly what we need to get this trolling bite to really fire up around here and back home. Nothing gets these suspended big fish going more then just stable weather with high pressure sitting over us and no really big waves to disturb the water temperatures that are now trying to stratify the water column. Also the water clarity is right where we want it with just a nice perfect stain to the water. I am so used to crying about the water clarity being bad up here in the western basin that it seems unusual to say that it’s perfect ! lol

“The Trophy” spent the entire past week way up north fishing around the famous Bass Islands. Many may not be familiar with that term but most have heard of Put-in-Bay. Well, we were not too far from there on each outing. Seems weird to be in the middle of the lake 12 to 14 miles from the mainland and my dock and yet be at times within a few hundred yards of land. It’s a beautiful and very scenic area to spend the day fishing and some of my favorite trips of the year minus the boat traffic. It does tend to get a bit hectic up there with everyone all locked into the trolling program. Nothing much has changed otherwise with our program. Big planer board with the Tru-Trip jet divers and pulling the little Stinger Scorpion spoons. We had a very strong week with the big Dipsey Divers as well with them pulling some real monsters for us. I just love it to see the Dipsey rods taking a big time hit !

So we are in our final two weeks here at Port Clinton already. It has been a bitter sweet fast paced 2 months as they always are up here. You have to be really tough to fish this early spring fishery but the rewards can be crazy good. There is just something special about fishing and the spring time Walleye action coming off a long ass winter! We still have a few available dates here for the west end before I move my entire operation out east including two very prime Fridays. Friday May the 17th and Friday May the 24th which are both open should anyone be interested. I would dearly love to fill one or both dates. Today, Sunday is a no go with the weather and hopefully this one day blow won’t stir things up too badly out there for us. We’ll see. It was just starting to get really, really good. Yesterday, Saturday we had 24 beautiful Walleyes that weighed 112 pounds and we were done by 11:00am and back early for lunch. Just the way we like it! Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and we’ll see you all again next week.

Capt. Walt

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