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Fishing Report Posted: April 28, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 28, 2013 at 20:38:07:

Better weather, better fishing ! It took just all of one whole day for us to turn things around dramatically after the dismal weather and fishing that we experienced last weekend. I even wrote as I was signing off in last weeks report that “ Things can change almost overnight around here and I’ve seen it go from really bad to really good, really fast” Well, it really did ! After struggling last Sunday, we went out the very next day Monday morning to the very exact same spot, with the very exact same baits, same everything and just SPANKED the fish ! We easily captured 5 limits of fish and were home early for lunch. Fishing is just plain too weird. lol ! I flat out give up trying to figure out how the days are going to go around here. Just show up and go fishing I guess and let the cards fall where they may.

And we kept it going the following day. I had one of my long running groups of Amish guests up for their first ever drift trip. Their first ever with me out here at Port Clinton after trolling only with me for many untold years back home out east. I had been telling them for years how much fun this type of fishing can be. Thankfully the fishing continued just as strong as the day before for us and this time we took six limits of very nice Walleyes again by the noon hour or so. No pictures with this particular group but what a fine mess of fish that they had. My goodness was there a lot of hooping and hollering going on that fun day with the boys just knocking the snot out of those fish. Nothing but smiles all around ! I was soooooo very happy for them (and myself !). Now imagine that, they don’t want to troll no more and have already scheduled next years DRIFT fishing trip! LOL, I hope it works out as well for them next year

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much unfishable days with us getting chased off the lake early with the roller coaster weather once again when a strong cold front reared its ugly head. Friday was back to nice and the gem of the week with calm winds and the Walleyes having a suicidal death wish. With a full party of 6 anglers this time and myself, we went on to easily catch 7 limits of Walleyes and picking up right where we left off before we had the hiccup with the weather Wed. & Thur. The weekend however proved slower for us and we came up short of limiting completely but everyone still went home with plenty of fish for some real nice dinners. We are still on the jigging program aboard “The Trophy” and nothing else is really new. We are still using our purple and green jigs. Water temps are up to around 50 degrees now and we are even seeing the occasional Small Mouth Bass show up in some of our catches. What a fun and explosive surprise they are when they strike!

So we close out the month of April this week. It has not been real easy for anyone this past 4-5 weeks but if you drew the right straw and all the stars aligned up for you, there was some good fishing to be had and memories to be made. As a businessman however, I can’t help but feel bad about the missed opportunities and all the lost days. And as a angler who's fished the western basin for many, many years, I know it shouldn’t have been as tough as it was for so many of the other days. I am very thankful we had as many good ones as we did. I know a lot of those days others still struggled. OK, in closing this week I have a message for my remaining guests that still have a trip scheduled with me here in Port Clinton. WATCH YOUR SPEED as you get in and navigate around town. I have never seen so many people pulled over on a daily basis anywhere as I have here in this town. Especially this year. One of my guests this past weekend almost found out the hard way but fortunately got off with a warning. Consider it a warning for all of us. See you in May...

Capt. Walt

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