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Fishing Report Posted: April 21, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 21, 2013 at 21:16:55:

At what point does disgust replace disappointment ? What a week. I almost did not do a report this weekend because thatís exactly how Iím beginning to feel. Disgusted. And frankly, there is not all that much too report about after having to cancel and send home four different groups of people this past week because of the horrible and unfishable lake conditions. Man, this is turning out to be one lousy spring. And to add insult to injury, when we do get back out there, the water is all tore up after the big blows and itís just plain tough to pull many fish out of that kind of muddy dirty water.

Here we are now a month deep into spring and yesterday I woke up to everything being covered in friggin snow out here ! Iím like, REALLY ? And we did have a warm day finally here on the lakeshore last Wednesday where we cracked the 70 degree mark. BUT... IT CAME WITH 40 MILE AN HOUR PLUS SOUTH WINDS ! Seems like we just cant catch a break this year. Thursdays weather on the lake surprised everyone. The National Weather Service idiots were calling for 1-3 ft. waves. In reality, we were greeted with gusty north east winds and waves running at least 3-5 ft. and probably bigger offshore. Nobody fished. And Friday ? Forget it. Gale warnings were up with winds gusting out of the west to near 50 mph at times. Holy cow was it bad. Saturday a few boats got out late in the day. Most did not go including me. Of the ones that went, very few fish were caught while some even had the big Goose egg. Zero ! Just nuts for this time of year and the peak of our supposed Walleye run.

I did manage to get a couple of trips in though this week with the one day us catching about a dozen fish. And today, Sunday after the multi day nasty blow we struggled to catch a handful of Walleyes in the still brisk, cold northeast winds out there and dingy water. We seen very few other fish being netted amongst all the other boats that we fished around all day. It wasnít just us. I ended up doing the fuelish circle tour yet once again hopping around from spot to spot including hitting the furthest out reefs in hopes of trying to get something going for my guys. It was pretty much dead everywhere we went with us only able to pull about a fish per stop everywhere we tried. I guess I should have just made more stops today in more different areas ! lol !

So I did force myself to do a fishing report tonight even though my heart really wasnít in it. I do this for my loyal readers and the ones with upcoming trips who so eagerly want to know how things are going prior to their big outing. I wish I had better news for everyone but its just plain tough out there at the moment. I always try to be straight up with my reports. Believe me, I would much rather be reporting about how ridiculously easy weíve been limiting out as I have other years about this time of year. But it is what it is, and like they say, thatís fishing. The one real good piece of news is that things can change almost overnight around here and Iíve seen it go from really bad to really good, really fast. Thatís what Iím putting all my hope in. Man, if we could only get some decent weather out on the lake out here. By the way, the water temperature has not gone up a single degree here in the last two weeks ! Disappointing and disgusted thus far is how I can some up my stay here in the Walleye Capital of The World so far this spring. Weíll have to see what this week brings.

Capt. Walt

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