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Fishing Report Posted: April 07, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 07, 2013 at 20:33:56:

Getting better with each passing day ! After a very cold and slower then we would like to see start, things are really starting to happen. ďThe TrophyĒ finally got to go to work on Friday and it has been heating up and getting better and better ever since. It was all about water temperature. On Friday we had 38 degrees. Saturday we had 40 degrees and with the strong southerly warm gusting winds today on Sunday, surface temps jumped clear to 44 degrees. Usually after about 42 degrees its pretty much game on. We seen plenty of rolling spawning females on the surface today also for the first time this year and to me that says the Walleye run is on baby !

I put a lot of miles on chasing fish on Friday that weren't really interested in any of our stuff. I pretty much did the entire reef complex with only a few fish to show for it. I burned a LOT of gas trying to get something going for the guys. Iím glad I got that out of my system for this spring. lol ! The following day I just stuck to one spot and we ground it out. We did much better but far from great. Sunday we were greeted with very stiff southwest winds which narrowed our choices down to just beach fishing. And it went well. Maybe it would have been super had the wind not really started to scream as the morning progressed. We did 9 on our very first drift and then just went on to slow picking on the subsequent following drifts the rest of the day but still ended up good.

The old stand by purple hair jig with the trailering stinger treble hook and no bait did all the damage for us but one fish which was caught on a fire tiger blade bait. It was not real easy to keep your bait on the bottom but everyone ( but me, lol ) worked very hard at it and got er done. The boys pitching downwind got a real work out as the boat drifted about as fast as you could reel back in at times. You get a few jigs in and next thing you know youíre sucking way too far under the boat and you have to reel up and cast out again. Wash, rinse and repeat. Over, and over and over ! lol ! I chose the easy job. Most of the day I just stood back and drank coffee and netted fish. Not a bad job !

So it looks like we should be in store for a great week. Time will tell. The weather looks favorable as well so I am very am excited. I have one day available for a charter this week and that is this Tuesday, April the 9th. As of right now they are calling for a 2 foot or less forecast. It would be a shame to have this open date go unfulfilled now that the fish have fired up. If anybody out there is interested in this open short notice date, call me, text, or e-mail me ASAP at any hour of the day or night. Itís only a day away but sometimes the very best trips are the spur of the moment trips when you know the lake is going to be nice and the fishing is going good. As far as that goes, I also have the following Tuesday open. Tuesday, April the 16th is available. Well thatís it for this week. Itís off to bed now. After all, Iím a working man now...

Capt. Walt

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