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Fishing Report Posted: May 20, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 20, 2012 at 09:24:04:

Bye bye, PORT CLINTON ! Well I have just one more week to go here in the western basin before I move my entire circus act back out east to my home port, Ashtabula, Ohio. ďThe TrophyĒ has been in the water for about two months now. And it hasnít been without the typical and usual highs and lows that comes with the early spring weather and fishing around here. Overall though itís been one of the better springs that I have seen in a long time. And being a full time charter captain and guide for over 26 years now, Iíve seen plenty of them come and go. Some things however never change. By now, Iím already tired of fighting the incredible amount of boat traffic that this end of the lake entices.

Seems like everybody out here feels that they own the lake and no matter how hard I try to just keep to myself and be as courteous as I can when caught in boat traffic, Iím always the one that ends up being the bad guy. Whatever. I long for my offshore days soon to come back home where many a day I will not see another boat all day long as I net fish one after another just as fast as I can go. Itís not that the fishing wasnít any good here this spring. Quite contrary to that. It was quite fabulous many days this spring. Itís just the crazy amount of boaters and the constant up hill battle with the weather here in the spring even in a good year like this one. And then just like here as of late, fighting the insane amount of junk fish that have turned on while trying to catch these Walleyes is another thing that will drive you crazy.

Speaking of junk fish, HOLY WHITE BASS BATMAN ! Man, while trolling this past week, we must have caught a MILLION little White Bass! Well, maybe not quite a million but imma telling you, we just could not get away from them no matter where we went, what part of the water column that we targeted or how fast or how slow we trolled. Just terrible. We certainly were busy little boys and girls ! I donít know what year these things hatched out in but it must have been a record White Bass hatch that year. They are all like twins in size too around 7 inches. Just like they were all stamped out of the same mold. But in spite all of that grief and work, we still pulled limits of really nice Walleyes although I am now seeing more and more smaller fish in the mix. We are actually getting a handful of throw back under size ones each day now. Really good to see that ! You catch one 14 incher and then the very next one might be 29 inches ! We still seen plenty of 28Ė29 fish caught this past week aboard ďThe TrophyĒ. We just had to weed through all of the White Bass and Sheaphead. Oh, did I mention Sheephead ? Donít get me started... lol !

So this will be my final report from Port Clinton here in the western basin. Although I have one more week of fishing left before I run the boat down the lake the hundred or so miles east, I will be just too busy doing everything that I have to do to sit down and type up a nice report like Iíve been trying to do each week all of spring. Look for my reports to resume however from my home port in Ashtabula in the central basin the week after next. I hope that a lot of you that have enjoyed reading these weekly spring fishing reports/ blogs follow us over to the eastern Ohio section of the fishing reports for the summer reports on the site and as always, the transition on my own websites fishing reports under the news button will be seamless. Just log on as you normally would. And finally real quick, we have a few last available open dates still for my final week including a rare Fri. Ė Sat. opening next weekend due to a last minute cancellation. I would really like to fill the Saturday May 26th date. I have to stick around here because I have a trip the following day on Sunday. Otherwise, I would say COLOR ME GONE and just take off earlier. It is what it is and either way Iím outta here that Sunday after I get in and drop my guys and fish off. So for now, itís just about time to say BYE BYE PORT CLINTON ...

Capt. Walt

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