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Fishing Report Posted: April 21, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 21, 2012 at 13:43:08:

Iím about sick of this Aprils yo-yo weather... Although not nearly as disastrous as last springs, it certainly has been far from great. After listening to some of my buddy's who fished all of March up here last month and went for weeks and weeks without missing a single day of fishing because of the great weather, it sickens me to see what is happening now that it really counts. This was supposed to be my ďbigĒ week here in Port Clinton and all I am doing is cancelling trip after trip. Sickening. I went from being booked solid this week to getting only two lousy days in. Here I am typing my report up on a prime Saturday a day earlier then normal simply out of boredom as yet another strong cold front rages across the lake and has the big waves just a churning out there. And its really cold out there too! Tell me again, how many 80 degree record warm days did we have in March ?

Monday I had my group on the boat ready to go and even with the very strong south wind, I thought surely we could still at least fish the beach in real tight and be protected. Wrong! As we tried to cast off, the gusting winds were so bad that I couldnít even get off my friggin dock! And it only got worst. By mid morning winds were sustained at 20-30 mph with gusts to 52! After landing in the next slip over because I couldnít get my boat turned around in the ridiculous wind, I just sent the guys away. It broke my heart. I cancelled Tuesdays trip outright Sunday night as a strong cold was supposed to replace Mondays gusty winds. Tuesday I woke up as did everyone else to a big change from the day before but not nearly as bad as predicted. Some fished, some did not. I just sat and sulked after already cancelling.

Wednesday was a great day for us although it was still very cool with a rather stiff east wind. I got my day in or should I say morning in as we went on to catch 6 limits of very fine Walleyes by 10:30am. A great day! Thursday actually was the real gem of the week. Calm, warm and guess what? My group cancelled ! Errrrrrr ! So we got back out yesterday, Friday to once again super gusty south winds. We sucked it up and headed out and worked around the Crib Reef area. The super fast drift did us no favors but we caught fish. After a certain point in the afternoon even I bailed and we headed for the beach seeking some reprieve from the southerly gusts. We went on to catch a few more in there but fell one short of getting my party's limit. Their main goal however was to catch enough fish for a fish fry on Sunday. I think we covered that ! Lol

And just like Monday night, yesterdays strong south winds switched dramatically over night ushering in the colder north wind today. I had already cancelled todays trip and sadly it turned out to be the right decision. Itís not pretty out there. Tomorrow, Sunday is in jeopardy as well at this point, depending on which forecast you happen to listen to. None of them are real great. I am really on the fence as to what to do. We might just have to look at it in the morning and make a decision. Plain sucks. Monday sounds really horrific although I have no trips for a few days after tomorrow. They are even talking SNOW ! WTH ! (remember, WHAT THE HECK ! lol ) Sheeze ! Anyway, since my last post Iíve booked this coming Friday & Saturday. Monday and Tuesday are going to be no goes because of the forecast. Wednesday they are saying that is supposed to be 2 ft. or less. I would say this will be the next fishable window at this point. I am available Wednesday & Thursday if anyone is looking. Call me at anytime on my boat/ mobile # 216-387-2656. The one positive thing I have to say about this very volatile April however is that the fishing remains EXCELLENT every time we get back out there. No matter how hard it has blown off and on. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

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