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Fishing Report Posted: April 15, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 15, 2012 at 06:44:26:

Fishing for Walleyes continues to be EXCELLENT here in the western basin of Lake Erie. It seems like every time I turn around I say this is going to be a short report, and then I turn around and write what seems to be a book. Lol ! Well, this one will have to be a shorter one for sure as I am trying to throw a few lines and pictures up before I go down to the boat this early Sunday morning to run my trip. I have some things to do this afternoon/evening so itís now or it just wonít get done.

As I left off last week, the weather was a bit slow to move in last week and we did get out Monday after all and smoked the fish. Staying close to port, we worked the beach on the east side of the firing range and the fish were in there as I had suspected after making a little drift in there on our way in last Sunday from the Reefs, Same program as off shore. Just bouncing the big lead head jigs vertically got us all the fish that we needed that day. We got back in early and just ahead of the wind which arrived precisely at 1:30 in the afternoon and blew straight through for the next two days big time.

Thursday after the two day blow, it was back to nice and once again fearing the muddy water conditions, we cranked it out to the Niagara Reef and it was on ! I had this particular group in for a two dayer and we went on to catch 180 pounds of Walleyes between both days out of one little pocket that I worked over and over. Just a real nice 4 pound average is what it worked out to be. It was probably the nicest load of fish that we have taken so far in this young season between both days.

Yesterday, Saturday was a lot slower for us with the very unsettled weekend weather. It rained pretty good for most of the day and was rather breezy. We lucked out with no big thunder storms as they were calling for but just a cool, raw day. Being breezier than the past couple of days, I didnít think we could stay on the pocket of fish on Niagara so I elected to start off on the Flat Rock Reef. The day started out on fire and we got up to about 10 fish in no time but then when the wind arrived and things got way tougher for us in a hurry. We ended up doing some reef hoping the rest of the day but fell 3 fish short of limiting out. Still not bad and they were nice fish again. So thatís it. Iím off to work, anxious to see what kind of day awaits me. Never a dull moment ! And real quick before I sign off, not this coming week but the following week I have a pretty good block of open dates including a VERY rare Saturday ( Sat. April 28th ) thanks to a cancellation ( Errrrrrrr ! ) If anybody is looking we, can hook you up with a Monday through Saturday trip at this point the week of the 23rd. This coming week I am booked solid. So, thatís it. Iím out the door. High ho, high ho, itís off to work I go... lol !

Capt. Walt

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