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Fishing Report Posted: January 01, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 01, 2012 at 14:33:55:

HAPPY NEW FISHING YEAR ! As I have been doing now in the past few years, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and take a moment and look back at the season that just passed and set our sights on the new season coming up which is just a few short months away now. 2011 was a wild roller coaster ride with plenty of highs and lows. Although we had some super days at Port Clinton at the western basin last spring, the weather for the most part made the spring as a whole very disappointing for many people. It was just plain tough getting out there many days and the high winds kept the shallow basins water very muddy. This made catching very hard a lot of days. You just never know how itís going to go. Some springs are beyond fabulous. Others, not so good. Last spring was not the best.

Upon returning to my home port for the summer in the deeper waters off of the port of Ashtabula, it was like another world. The summers weather for the most part straightened out quickly and the Walleyes came very good there after. Really nice sized fish all summer long as well ! The springs nightmare weather and fishing was soon forgotten and life was good once again ! One of the down sides of last summer however, at least for me was the horrific surge in fuel prices which did not ease till the season was over. For 2012, I have raised all the summers trolling trips rates up by $50 bucks. Hopefully everyone will understand and you will not have to listen to me harp about it again each week in the fishing reports when the prices spike again after Memorial Day as I am sure they will. This increase will only apply to the Ashtabula summer trips where my usage is off the charts with the long offshore fishing runs that we do there. The spring trips and the fall Perch trips will remain the same. At least for one more year...

We have not had a very strong Walleye hatch in a few years now so itís anybody's guess as to how good the fishing will actually be this year. One thing is for sure though. Even at itís worst, Lake Erie's world famous Walleye fishing is still the best on earth ! Period ! There will be plenty of fish caught and new memories made. There always is ! What we may lack for in numbers of fish is more then made up for in the shear size of Walleyes. The average size just seems to get bigger every year. We had no problem living up to our name last year, ďTrophy ChartersĒ ! WOW ! This year should prove to be the same. Have your local taxidermist on stand by ! Lol ! And the Perch fishing was as good as ever last fall and there certainly should be no change at all with this come fall. The weather was considerably better last fall then the previous year although the gale winds did rear their ugly heads a few weeks there in October. Again, you just never know how it will go.

So other then the slight summer rate change, everything else will remain the same. We will once again be in Port Clinton all of April & May and then Ashtabula for the rest of the year. All dock locations, departure times and everything else will be the same ole, same ole. We have updated our websites slideshows pictures on both the home page and the photo album page with all new pictures from this past 2011ís catches. Check them out and see if you made the cut if you fished onboard with us last season. Lots of good stuff on there and a wealth of information . Also a reminder that now is the time to book or confirm your tentative dates for 2012. The best dates go quick ! So thatís it for now. Look for the real reports to resume in early April. CYA soon !

Capt. Walt

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