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Fishing Report Posted: May 15, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 15, 2011 at 13:03:15:

Slow fishing. Once again, I don't have any real good news to report. Walleye fishing here in the western basin remains very slow for most everyone and it is not showing any real signs of improving any time soon. And as I sit here and type up this brief report on this Sunday morning, once again the wind is raging out of the north east out here, shutting down any thoughts of getting out today and for the next couple of days if you go by the forecast. At 6:30 this morning I met my group of 4 guys, for what would have been a nice easy group today, dockside in the blinding rain and gale winds and sent them packing. I've already cancelled the next couple of days. It just breaks my heart...

This past week on the days that we did manage to fish, we never broke out of the single digits for fish caught each day. Nine Walleyes captured was the high on two different days and much less the other days including a one fish day, just barely avoiding getting skunked. I am speechless and besides myself. I am trying so hard along with everyone else and it just flat out is not happening. Aboard "The Trophy" we stuck with the trolling program all week and after showing some real promise last weekend, have slipped back to really struggling. The only consolation is that most of the Walleyes that we have caught in this fashion have been very nice sized, including a 30 inch,10 1/2 pounder that we landed on Monday. The drifters are doing even worst.

And I still believe that the root of the problem is the past 6 weeks of horrific winds and flooding rains this spring that just has everything so stirred up and has all these fish just in limbo, including all the junk fish which are normally a big problem up here by now. We are marking tons of fish on the fish finders most everywhere we go in all parts of the water column but hardly catching anything. I mean even if the Walleye population was the issue, we should still be catching the usual pain in the butt non stop White Bass and Sheephead. But for the most part, nothing. That just tells me that all these fish are effected and simply for whatever reason just plain are not biting. And it does not matter how expensive your boat is or how fancy your electronics is, you are still dealing with a animal and if it does not want to eat, you can't make it. It's that simple.

So I am down to my final 2 weeks here in the "Walleye Capitol of the World" and it's been very disappointing most the whole time I've been here. Now with this weather system today and tomorrow tearing things up again, I don't look for anything great till possibly later in the week. And my optimism is dwindling with each passing week. Even if things ever do fire up out here, it will be too little, too late at least for me. I can only wonder how things are going to go for us out east this summer. As always, I will try to be as honest as I can be with my reports. Hopefully I don't scare anyone away. After all, it is just fishing and you just don't know when the day's going to be that things bust loose. Come for the adventure of big water boating and fishing, come for the camaraderie of being with your friends and relatives and the sharing of some laughs and smiles and with any luck at all you should at least catch enough for dinner... Maybe even another 10 and a half pounder destined for a wall somewhere just like the one we caught on Monday ! Stay tuned as this all plays out...

Capt. Walt

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