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Fishing Report Posted: May 08, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 08, 2011 at 21:15:51:

A much better weather week but still a slow week fishing... to the point where I just couldn't take it any more and finally had to break out the big iron, "the dreaded trolling gear", oh boy. After a very tough week of drifting where we only did a few fish each day, I finally convinced my guys that we just had to do something different to turn things around so we switched our program over to dragging lures this weekend. I know most everyone that books with me this time of year does so for the thrill of getting Walleyes in the shallow water and on the light gear drifting, but it just flat out is not working right now. I am guessing that the jig bite is just about over and we missed it. The very bad weather that we had for six weeks straight pretty much screwed us all out of the most fun part of the fishing season and I guess it's time to just go ahead and move on from here.

This weekend we broke out the planer boards and Dipsey divers and headed for the deeper water around the islands. And even that started out slow for us till I got a few things figured out. Today, Sunday resulted in a pretty decent day with us managing to capture into the teens a really nice mess of fish, all spawned out males and females. Most of the fish came on Jet Divers off the big boards although we pulled a couple of hogs off the big Dipseys and my trusted old standby lure, the Gold Savant spoon. It was almost like old times a couple of times with doubles going. I sure hope this is the beginning of something really good. It's just been plain tough for too long. Way too stressful on me, I know that.

So as I re-read my fishing report from last week, I think I got carried away with so much text so I am going to keep this one a bit briefer. After all, I really don't have all that much to report this week... till today ! So enjoy these few pictures and rest assured that I am trying my very hardest to put fish in the box and if it's trolling that we have to do, then trolling is what I will do, even though it is a LOT more work for me and even more expensive on me with the added fuel consumption. It is what it is... And again a super big thanks for those helping out with the added fuel prices. You guys are GREAT !

OK, unbelievably I have next Saturday available for a trip. Saturday, May 14th is open for anyone looking. I guess it was just miss- communication on my end with another party resulting in a un for seen rare open Saturday in May. I would dearly love to book it, especially knowing that we can now pull them trolling. Otherwise I have a good schedule going into this week and I should know a lot more by weeks end with what's going on with this trolling bite. From what I saw today, I think things are ready to really cut loose. FINALLY ! So get some friends or family together and bail me out next Saturday from my scheduling screw up and lets go troll up some big Walleyes ( Maybe ! lol ) ! Remember though, there are no guarantees when it comes to fishing, at least on my boat. Just a promise that we will have fun either way with a great day on the water sharing some laughs and thrills and with me trying my very hardest in creating some lasting fishing memories' for all of my guests. LET'S GO FISHING !!!

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