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Fishing Report Posted: April 17, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 17, 2011 at 18:39:49:

Three great days and three gale force wind days and unfishable conditions. Lake Erie once again showed her Dr. Jekyll - Mr. Hyde ugly side this past week. After giving us a few spectacular days with easy limits, things have turned to total crap starting with Friday and right on thru the weekend. As I sit here this Sunday afternoon typing this up, I have guys in town stuck in a hotel room across the street bored to death and I am not far from it myself. This is a fishing town and if you're not fishing, well there's not all that much to do. These boys are in town for a scheduled 3 dayer and we're now putting all of our hopes on Monday when the winds are supposed to ease.

Monday found "The Trophy" way west again working around the K can area. We were making longer drifts with a nice stiff south breeze in about 11 to 13 foot of water. Using the old purple jigs again, we were averaging 4 to 5 Walleyes a drift, then we would putt back up wind and do it again. I think about 5 drifts and we had our 24 Walleyes for a boat limit and we were heading back with nothing but smiles all the way around on board ! Tuesday I had no trip and it was just as well because the lake was very rough. Wednesday I picked up a last minute trip just like I had hoped and under ideal conditions and a very nice warm sunny day, we tore them up on the Toussaint Reef. Thursday was a bit cooler and choppy but the bite was most excellent in the very same spot as the day before.

And then it all turned sour starting late Thursday night when the winds really set in. I greeted my group Friday morning which would have been day two of a scheduled 2 dayer for them and just sent them packing. At least we got one good day in... Saturday and Sunday thus far has been super ugly and now the main concern is the mud situation once we do get back out on the water. And once again, Mother Nature probably hasn't done us any favors for this years spawn either with the violent huge waves washing over the spawning reefs and covering everything in silt. Just a very sad situation all the way around when the wind blows as hard and as long as it does around here.

Hopefully we will get back on the right track here very soon and capitalize on this springs Walleye run before the fish finish doing their thing in the shallows and start moving out. Just like many others, this jigging part of the season is my favorite and the weeks are slipping away fast. Looking down the road, I have two days that just opened up due to a multi day cancellation, one beings a SATURDAY ! Next week, Saturday April the 23rd just became available along with Thursday the 28th the following week. Anyone interested can call me at any time at 216-387-2656. Fuel is also becoming a major problem. Currently at $4.50 a gallon and climbing at the marina pumps. Thanks for those of you who understand my utter grief and are digging deep at the end of the day. THANK YOU ! Between the weather and this crisis with the fuel, I am very bummed out at the moment. Here's hoping for a better week...

Capt. Walt

* Fishing licenses are available in town as always but the state of Ohio in all of their infinite wisdom has re-vamped the system and it is now taking the retailers twice as long to key in all of the required information. They've done this by doing away with the "swiping" of your drivers license and some other changes. Be prepared to take up to 6 to 7 minutes if not longer per license in your groups party and you still need your drivers license or ID ! I strongly recommend just getting your licenses yourself online ahead of time in your leisure as opposed to all of this nonsense. At the very least, the night before so it does not delay your scheduled departure time the morning of your trip !

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