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Fishing Report Posted: April 10, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 10, 2011 at 21:00:09:

Good fishing ! Well this past weekend we finally ushered in some great weather and the Walleyes here in the western basin responded nicely as well. Saturday was just OK for us but Sunday was very good for all aboard "The Trophy". All weekend there were numerous reports of many limits caught. Sunday we were able to join those claiming this ultimate success by capturing our own 5 limits of Walleyes before the noon hour. And again, some did even better, some did worst but most everybody was catching something. A far cry from just a week ago. Hopefully we can just keep building from here !

On Saturday we caught a few fish in shallow on the east side of the Camp Perry firing range on the beach and in 13 foot of water. Then we did a bit of reef hopping and really didn't do much right up in the shallow's. Fairly late in the day we finally hit a small pod of fish in about 15 foot of water dead south of the Toussaint Reef. Every time we would make a drift over that small area we would pull a couple of two - three. Perhaps had we found this spot earlier in the morning and worked at it all day we could have maxed the boat out here. Sunday we ran all the way west to the nuke tower and again on the beach and we were in the fish right away in the 11 to 13 foot range. Fish here seemed to be scattered all over.

We did all of our fish Saturday just on the 5/8 oz. purple hair jigs with the stinger hooks and no bait. Sunday, after a tip from a friend we mixed it up a bit by using some 1/4 oz. red & white Heddon Sonar's. Most know that I am a big fan of the fire tiger colored Sonar's but I must admit, the red & white's were pretty hot for us Sunday . All of these vibrating blade baits anyway really get the Walleyes attention at times when just a plain jig, where the fish have to rely strictly on sight alone in the muddier water does not do nearly as well.

So this coming week we have two available open dates for a short notice trip. This Tuesday & Wednesday ( April 12th & 13th ) is not taken. Someone can call me as late as the night before and we can do it. I'm like a doctor on call ! I am as your service ! And "The Trophy" is always eager and would rather be out on the open waters as opposed to sitting idle tied up dockside ! lol ! Anyway, the fishing appears to have turned the corner for the better now and from what I'm gathering, the weather seem like it's going to be half way decent all week. I would love to fill at least one of those two dates anyway. Anybody interested in booking can call me at any time of day or night on my mobile number 216-387-2656.

Capt. Walt

* Fishing licenses are available in town as always but the state of Ohio in all of their infinite wisdom has re-vamped the system and it is now taking the retailers twice as long to key in all of the required information. They've done this by doing away with the "swiping" of your drivers license and some other changes. Be prepared to take up to 6 to 7 minutes if not longer per license in your groups party and you still need your drivers license or ID ! I strongly recommend just getting your licenses yourself online ahead of time in your leisure as opposed to all of this nonsense. At the very least, the night before so it does not delay your scheduled departure time the morning of your trip !

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