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Fishing Report Posted: April 03, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 03, 2011 at 20:49:59:

We're back again ! " The Trophy" eased back into the water on March the 28th for the start of what is to be my 25th year of chartering ! So far, Mother Nature hasn't been putting up much of a welcome or a celebration. This whole past week that I've been in the water thus far, it has felt more like winter then spring with bitter cold temps on and around the water and even a friggin snow storm on Wednesday of all things. I sure hope that it's not going to be "one of those kind of years" !

Fishing has started out extremely slow for us as well and most everybody else that has been trying it already. Although I now have a couple of trips in the books and we have caught some fish, it has been far from what everyone expects when they come to the western basin here to fish the Walleye capitol of the world. Let's just hope that the tough start this year so far is just due to the cold start to the spring and not some deeper rooted problem. From what I understand, ice fishing in the western basin was not up to par either this past winter. I guess time will tell...

So now the weather looks to be crap again for the next few days with high winds forecasted with 45 mph gusts in the offering along with storms. For joy. We were just starting to get some decent water clarity out there and this will probably set us back again. Fishing dirty water is our biggest enemy here in this shallow end of the lake. It just makes it even tougher to catch anything when you have to hit the fish in the head just for them to see the lure. Let's hope the forecast isn't even close to being right and we can dodge this bullet and get at least a good start by next weekend when most everybody will be up and running.

Marina fuel prices are off the charts already as well as we begin this new season. I just fueled up today @ $4.20 per gallon only to be told as I was fueling that the fuel prices had just spiked again and that the price was going to jump dramatically even further after today. I am speechless... I had always hoped to make 30 years in this business. At this point, I just don't know if I'll make it. The expenses are becoming overwhelming. We just re-powered both engines in "The Trophy", the port side late last fall and the starboard engine over the coarse of this past winter and that in it self was painful. Now these fuel issues right out the gate... Aye ja yei, 2011 is starting out interestingly to say the very least ! Stay tuned is all I can say !

Capt. Walt

* Fishing licenses are available in town as always but the state of Ohio in all of their infinite wisdom has re-vamped the system and it is now taking the retailers twice as long to key in all of the required information. They've done this by doing away with the "swiping" of your drivers license and some other changes. Be prepared to take up to 6 to 7 minutes if not longer per license in your groups party and you still need your drivers license or ID ! I strongly recommend just getting your licenses yourself online ahead of time in your leisure as opposed to all of this nonsense. At the very least, the night before so it does not delay your scheduled departure time the morning of your trip !

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