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Fishing Report Posted: January 01, 2011

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on January 01, 2011 at 12:33:17:

Happy New Year and a Happy New fishing season! Flipping the calendar to 2011 means that we are now only a few short months away from our spring fishing trips starting back up at Port Clinton, OH. And what a special year this will be as I celebrate my 25th season in the business ! And while you enjoy a few of these pictures of a frozen Ashtabula Harbor, I would like to take a moment to reflect upon the past season, the present moment and the exciting new season to come. 2010 ended up surprising everybody by being an incredibly good year on the big lake for the Walleyes despite the usual x amount of crap weather days. After a tougher then usual 2009 with the catch ratio's down and adult Walleye populations predicted at a lower state for the year, we dodged a bullet when the state did not follow through with the threatened reduced bag limits for anglers at the beginning of the season.

And it wasn't long into the spring that Mother Erie became very generous and started giving up limits after limits for us aboard "The Trophy" and the many others fortunate enough to have a chance at fishing this great waterway. This trend continued all season long and really heated up after we moved the boat to our summer docking location at Ashtabula. When it was all said and done, we ended 2010 with 2,787 Walleyes boated compared to the 2,591 in 2009 even though we ran about half a dozen less Walleye trips in 2010 ! Pretty amazing numbers when you think about it ! And the shear size of the average fish was phenomenal ! I believe I netted more 8 to 11 pound Walleyes last summer then any other year I have been in the business. And the Perch fishing was down right fabulous as well. Unlike '09, we actually were able to get most of our trips in with some what decent weather and the results were almost automatic limits of truly world class Jumbo Perch. What fun we had !

I have to believe that the lake biologists really do not have a clue when it comes to predicting the actual fish population levels in the big pond and Mother Nature and the weather Gods alone are what really determine how the fishing will go for all of us. This year they are saying that we finally had a decent Walleye hatch last spring. This with the fact that the catch rates were good last year encourages me to believe that they will abandon any further thoughts of reducing the Walleye limits and just leave everything as is. This is only my guess and my opinion. If it matters to you what the actual limits are, it is your responsibility to stay abreast of the situation. I only operate within what they tell me we are allowed to do at a certain time and will not contact everybody individually with information that many times changes over night and many times mid-season. I always post things as true fully as I can on my weekly fishing reports and the rest is up to you guys if it concerns anybody that much.

So what is in the cards for 2011? It's anybody's guess. It certainly looks like fuel once again is going to be the big issue for us. I've already made up my mind that there will be NO CHANGES what so ever to my charter operation this year regarding rates, etc. I guess I am just going to rely on the generous tips that most come through with when times get really hard to help offset the difference. It has worked in the past and has helped keep things in check. Thanks everybody ! A reminder to everyone. It is never too soon to book your fishing excursion with us. I am blessed with a heavy schedule of repeating guests so available days are always limited although at this time we still have a great selection to choose from. And for those of you that have a trip booked already with us, right now is when you need to send those deposits in for each trip that I am holding for you. I need everyone's cooperation on this. I really do not want to be bothered with the paper work after we start fishing and I need the firm confirmations as well RIGHT NOW. In the mean while, I will be busy preparing everything for the new year as I do every late winter and I will be ready to roll come April 1st. It won't be long before I'm netting a big fat Walleye for you saying, "Why, it's just another day on The Trophy" !

Capt. Walt

*Just reminding everyone as I did all of last season. There are NO FISHING LICENSES AVAILABLE right at the boat at either marina and you have to get them ahead of time before showing up for your trip. This can be done locally at both dock locations in town or better yet, much more easily online. Please ask for details.

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