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Fishing Report Posted: May 16, 2010

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 16, 2010 at 21:19:41:

Sloooooooooooow fishing ! Last weekend's very bad weather took a heavy toll on our dream spring Walleye fishing that we've all been experiencing thus far here in the western basin. After getting back on the water Monday after the big blow, clean water was almost non existent. The only glimmer of hope that we had was to the extreme N.E.of Port Clinton well above Kelly's Island. Even up there it was not great but we managed to troll up a handful of nice fish. Some did worst. Hardly anybody else did much better. Tough fishing to say the least.

I never did fill Tue., Wed. or Thurs. of this past week. It was a blessing in disguise as another bout of wind and rain shut down most attempts at getting back on the right track. Most did not get out anyway and those that did pretty much sucked the big one. Friday aboard "The Trophy" we were able to get out finally around the "D" Can area and even though the wind was ferocious out of the west, we managed to have a pretty decent day dragging bottom bouncers and crawlers on gold worm harnesses. We rounded out the day in the low 20's with a few really nice fish in the 25'' class. I sure am glad I didn't have to troll that particular day under those conditions ! LOL !

Saturday we stunk up the joint again by only getting 7 or 8 fish in the same area that we did so well in the day before. Weird. A few others did a bit better but the overwhelming amount of anglers all struggled with the non co-operating Walleyes on Saturday. Sunday we only managed a few better than that but still very poor as far as I am concerned. We stuck to drifting on Sunday as the wind was quite brisk again out of the east. I did hear the troller's just south of Kelly's did a bit better so perhaps that will be worth investigating if the weather allows tomorrow. It really does not sound very good though for the next day or so with east winds supposedly picking up even stronger and with rain thrown in for good measure. YUCK !

So we are down to our final two weeks here in the western basin. Normally the weather is getting better by now, not lousier like the trend has been as of late. I am starting to have flashbacks of most of last season. Hopefully we can get past this little set back and start putting bigger numbers of fish back in the box. This time of year you shouldn't have to be the worlds best or luckiest fisherman to come in loaded. After all, this is the "Walleye Capitol of The World" and it is spring time. A time when normally the Walleye really start putting on the feed. Normally... This week we still have two openings if I haven't scared everyone away. LOL ! Wed. and Thur. May the 19th and 20th are both available should anyone be looking for an outing. Maybe those might be days that things take off again ! Actually the weather for mid week sounds pretty decent as of right now anyway. You just never know around here ... !

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