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Fishing Report Posted: May 02, 2010

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 02, 2010 at 20:49:06:

A windy week ! After not the best of weekends last weekend, we were greeted with even more serious winds Mon. and Tue. that bordered near gale force. The strong winds out of the north, north-east pretty much brought all fishing activity to a screeching halt. I ended up sending my Monday group home after giving up all hope of trying to make a dash to the Islands to try and get the day in. I spared my Tuesday group the ride up and just called it a wash. It was the right call as the lake continued to howl. A real kick in the pants after sitting on so many open dates earlier in April when the lake was calm almost every day and the Walleye fishing on fire. Errrr !

Wednesday it was back to work and fearing the worst with the water clarity, we headed north. After a couple of stops up and around the Islands and no fish for us even though the water clarity was good up there, we decided to go back to jigging on the furthest northern reef, the Niagara as I had a couple of weeks ago after a big blow. Once again we were not disappointed and began picking fish up almost immediately. In the next 4 hours we manage nearly 5 tickets. Not bad for the first day back out after a 2 day blow. The rest of the week and the weekend we bounced around anywhere from just west of the P.C. harbor to as far west as Turtle Creek on Sunday where we managed 31 Walleyes. All still on the jigs although the bite seems to be dropping off rapidly with lots of sheep head starting to rear their ugly heads. Did I happen to mention Errr !

We caught a lot of really big Smallmouth's incidentally this past week also jigging for the Walleyes and I could literally litter this weeks pictures section with huge Bass shots. But since I don't really run Bass trips, I don't want to paint the wrong picture. They are just a pleasant surprise in our relentless quest of filling the box with 'eyes. With each Bass and Sheep head that came aboard "The Trophy" this past week and the Walleyes coming slower and slower, I am absolutely certain that the jig bite is down to it's final days. It was a heck of a run that we had this spring. I am always sad to see it come to an end. The days of really "easy" fishing is about over and now we are going to have to shift our programs over to crawlers and harnesses on the real windy days and trolling, yes trolling on the calmer days to "get er done" ! Whatever it takes...

We still have a good schedule yet for this coming week but the following week I have more open dates then I would like to see including and starting with next Sunday, May the 9th which is Mothers Day and is available. I have a GREAT idea ! How about taking mother fishing ! We have had different groups do exactly that in past seasons. Kind of neat ! Anybody interested in any of the upcoming openings including Mothers Day can call me directly at 216-387-2656 for a scheduling any time of day or night. We are down to our final month here at the western basin as we flip the calendar to May and thus far the fishing has been nothing short of fabulous. And although we will be changing techniques and tactics here shortly, I fully expect the good fishing to continue on. So give me a call and LET'S GO FISHING together !!!

Capt. Walt

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