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Fishing Report Posted: April 25, 2010

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 25, 2010 at 18:58:16:

What is it with the weekends? If we are going to have crapola weather, rest assured it will be on the weekend. After yet another nice Mon. thru Fri., the weekend again this week lived up to the lousy forecast and was cool and raw with wind and off and on again rain showers. And thru it all we managed somehow to get out and catch some Walleyes. Sadly our string of perfect limits up to this point came to a screeching end however. Such is fishing.

Earlier in the week with the nice weather the fishing was still very good. "The Trophy" made the long run each day west from downtown Port Clinton towards the nuke tower to fish alongside the other thousand boats. Remarkably, most everybody was doing very well. What an amazing fishery when the conditions are right ! The same program that has been working for us continued to box us fish. 5/8 oz. hair jigs, no bait. Best water depths for us seemed to be 11-12 feet. With the weather change though, things got much tougher for most everybody on Saturday. Some still limited out but we weren't amongst the more fortunate ones.

Sunday we stayed closer to port and managed only a dozen fish in the choppy waters. A ominous dense and very damp fog bank hung over the lake to make things even uglier. Both Sat. and Sun. my crew cried uncle by about noon time and I wasn't one to argue! There will be other days... Here closer to port on Sunday we got into more of a mixed bag of nice Smallmouth's, Walleyes and Sheep head. Actually lots of bites with plenty of fish on and off again briefly as the boat pitched and rolled. Perhaps if it weren't as choppy, we would not have lost as many fish and might have had a bigger box. Perhaps...

Sounds like it may take a day or two to break out of this weather pattern. Monday does not sound all that great and if we do get out I may even run some crawlers and bottom bouncers up around the islands to see if we can get into some post spawn females and find some shelter from the wind. The big females should be ready to cut loose out in the deeper water as the jig bite winds down. Anyway the crawlers are on the boat now so we do have a "plan B' if need be. We have a pretty good run of trips on the book coming up now so I'm not going to sit here and beg as I did last week. LOL ! And a BIG THANK YOU to Don Salera and crew who read my report last week and jumped on the short notice trip on Friday to keep "The Trophy" at work out there on the water where it belongs. I was very glad the Walleye Gods were kind to you guys and gave up 6 limits of nice fish for you. Nice work on the rods also by the way! Well that's it for this week from soggy Port Clinton. Till next week...

Capt. Walt

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