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Fishing Report Posted: April 18, 2010

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on April 18, 2010 at 21:04:30:

Well this whole past week was very delightful with easy limits... till the weekend. Strong N.W. gusty winds set in late Friday afternoon and continued to howl through all of Saturday and into Saturday night. The small craft advisories Saturday sidelined most all of the charters and private craft from any Walleye fishing the first half of the weekend but an easing of the strong cold front on Sunday permitted most everyone to get back at it. Of coarse we lost all of the pretty green water that we have had for so long. Thankfully this was only a 36 hour blow and not a 3 or 4 day event as is so common in the spring here at the western basin. And by late in the day on Sunday the lake went practically calm and you could literally see the water beginning to clear.

With the dirty water I wanted to position "The Trophy" in the best possible area that I could think of that might have slightly clearer water. We elected to run out to the furthest northern reef, the Niagara. It still wasn't great but there was a noticeable slightly better color to the water and so we went to work. It wasn't fast but after putting in a nice full day, my crew was rewarded with 5 limits of Walleyes for their efforts. The same old, same old jigging program with the purple 5/8oz. jigs continued to chalk up the fish for us. I actually was amazed that we did as well as we did in the still heavily stained water. Just a testament to what a great spring we are having thus far !

Before the blow and fishing the nearer to shore areas, we began to see more and more Smallmouth's starting to hit this past week. Along with the Bass, unfortunately the Sheep Head Drum are also starting to get active which sadly usually spells the beginning of the end of the really good part of the jigging season. Perhaps this temporary cold snap will actually do us a favor and drag the jig bite out a while longer then the crazy summer like pace that we were on. I highly doubt though that we can milk it into the first part of May as we do many other years. Time will only tell...

So the weather looks to be great this whole upcoming week and I totally expect this week to be a bonzeye as we rapidly recover from Saturdays setback. We have 3 available open dates for this week . Wed., Thur, and Friday ( April 21st, 22nd, 23rd ). It sure would be nice to pick up at least one trip especially on the Friday. Who in their right mind would rather go to work on a Friday when the Walleyes are biting ? LOL ! Anyone interested as always can give me a jingle on my lifeline, 216-387-2656 24/7. I would love to hear from someone ! Well that's it for this week report. Capt. Walt, over and out :-)

Capt. Walt

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