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Fishing Report Posted: May 16, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 16, 2009 at 16:52:39:

Winding down. Our second to last week here in Port Clinton was a good one. We bounced back and fourth all week between trolling and drifting and had some very nice catches doing both. The weather only threw us one really bad day and that was Thursday where the wind raged out of the west all day at a incredible sustained level. Somehow we managed to stay out all day but with the drift speed so fast and the water dirtying up on us fishing was slower then we would have liked. The rest of the week we got into the twenties most every day and Friday once again was our big day of the week with a boat limit of 36 Walleyes caught trolling.

We bottom bounced in the cove a couple of days in front of Catawba State Park as well as in the area east of Crib Reef. The trolling for us took place north of Kelly's Island one day, up by Gull Island Shoal another day and one day was spent just south west of South Bass Island, just south of Green Island. Lots of marks on the fish finder everywhere and although the action wasn't hot and heavy, it was fairly steady. Some really nice fish were caught trolling also aboard "THE Trophy". We were using #40 jet divers with my new favorite Savant spoons, which worked very well when we got over active fish.

Work on the marina at Ashtabula back home is coming along nicely. It may not be quite ready when I arrive next Sunday but it will be only be a few days after that when things should be finishing up. The docks have all been prepared and once the wall and concrete work is completed it should take no time at all to at least get my dock in. Or so I'm hoping ! LOL. Some of my regular customers who charter with me are not even aware that everything collapsed in the River late last summer and when they come up for their annual trip will be quite surprised. It should be very fun watching everyone's reactions !

So we are down to our final week here at the western basin before heading back to Ashtabula next weekend. This will be my final report from the western basin and there will be no report next weekend at all as I will be quite busy moving my operation to out east. Fishing reports will resume the following week for the Ashtabula and central basin. If you've been following these reports thru , you will have to click on the Ohio East to find the summer reports. If you have been following these reports thru my website you can continue to do so with out doing anything different. The change over on my site is seamless. I have 3 open dates this coming week available for a last chance Port Clinton trip, ( Tue.-Wed.-Thur.) with me. They are calling for great weather and the fishing is finally good. I also have Memorial day open and I can run that trip out of either Port Clinton or Ashtabula should anyone be interested. As always, I can be reached at 216-387-2656. That's it for me from Port Clinton, OH for another year. See you all in Ashtabula in a few days !

Capt. Walt

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