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Fishing Report Posted: May 09, 2009

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 09, 2009 at 14:09:30:

Not the best of weeks for us aboard "The Trophy" again. We may have flipped the calendar to May but things still have been challenging both from the weather aspect of it to just trying to catch some fish. After a good weekend last week we were met again with incredible north east winds this past Monday which chased most anglers off the lake. Aboard "The Trophy" we sought shelter from the wind on the lee side of South Bass Island and did our first little troll of the season tight up against the island. Fishing was far from great but we did manage a handful of Walleyes up there. Tue., Wed., and Thur. was OK weather wise but fishing was just plain tough for us. We got a few drifting and some more trolling north of Niagara Reef but nothing to write home about. Friday was the one gem of the week for us with super great weather, we were able to troll up 30 nice Walleyes Off of Starve Island Reef just south of South Bass Island.

This weekend was back to total crap again as a strong cold front pushed through the area with incredible high winds just ahead of it. The forcast for the lake called for gale winds in the afternoon with wind gusts to 50 mph. We got out for a short while in the morning but they were wrong with the prediction of afternoon gales. It sucked right off the bat and only got worst quickly. We aborted the trip very early with only one throw back Walleye to show for our efforts caught on a bottom bouncer and a night crawler and spinner harness. This is the time of the year this rig should be deadly but still not much going on for anybody with the worms even on the halfway decent weather days on the lake. Weird. It sure is a different kind of year, that is for sure. The jig bite is completely done as far as I am concerned. That does not leave us many options and you need a nice lake to troll.

Back at Ashtabula the new steel wall for the bulkhead finally started going up at River Marine. The frame work was set up and they started to set the steel pieces in place. They are only driving them in so far right now just to line everything up and then they will go back and pile drive them right down to the bed rock. Then I guess they go back and cut the tops off all even at one level and cap it. Then the back filling will begin on the store side of the wall finished off with new concrete. Walla! A new sea wall ready to be fitted with new docks. I'm not sure what the configuration of the dockage will be but all the slips will now be back in spots unlike before where several boats were tied up length wise to the old wall. River Marina will be like the 6 million dollar man. It will be rebuilt and it will be better then it was before ! LOL

We are down to our last 2 weeks here at Port Clinton before heading back home to Ashtabula, "The Trophy's" home port for the rest of the season. It will be a new start to the rest of the year and we will have a new marina to operate out of. Hopefully the rest of the season will be easier with full fledged summer weather setting in for good. Ashtabula has always had amazing Walleye fishing and I expect things to be the same again when we resume our operation out east. In the meanwhile, we still have a few open dates available for a western basin Port Clinton trip here before we check out not to mention some open dates for Ashtabula as well. For more information and to book a spot I can be reached on my mobile number, 216-387-2656. Well, I wonder what this coming week will bring. I bet it includes some more trolling trips if the weather allows! It's getting to be that time of year ...

Capt. Walt

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